Self-Driving Vehicles Have Big Implications for Freight Companies, Says LOGISTIQ

Self-driving vehicles are coming, but many Americans are leery—and freight broker and freight forwarder companies have some specific concerns. LOGISTIQ comments.

According to the most recent projections, there could be as many as 10 million self-driving vehicles on the road by 2020—a number that is exciting for technology enthusiasts but worrisome for many American drivers. In fact, Reason reports that an overwhelming majority of Americans are frightened by the prospect of so many self-driving cars. Some 75 percent of Americans are as yet unready to entrust their driving to robots, though they are comfortable enough with certain, semi-autonomous features. There is one population that is especially worried about what self-driving vehicles could mean—and that’s people who work for freight broker and freight forwarder companies. LOGISTIQ. responds to these concerns in a new statement to the press.

“Self-driving vehicles could provide some worthwhile new resources for freight and cargo companies but with those resources there come some major risks,” comments Glenn Stebbings, CEO of LOGISTIQ Insurance Solutions, a company that provides freight and cargo insurance products.

The Reason article pinpoints one of those risks: Larger vehicles, such as buses and, of course, freight trucks are less likely to yield or obey other highway protocol than smaller, nimbler vehicles. As such, larger vehicles have already been involved in some critical accidents with smaller cars. That poses some liability risks for freight companies that use self-driving vehicles.

“Companies that do use self-driving cars will obviously want to make sure they are covered against possible accidents,” LOGISTIQ notes. “General liability insurance will become even more important to freight companies than it is currently.”

Despite the potential risks associated with adapting self-driving vehicles to a cargo and freight setting, it is predicted that this industry will be an early adopter of this new technology. “At first, [self-driving cars] will be used as long-haul highway freight trucks and Uberesque taxi services in cities and expand rapidly from there,” notes the Reason author.
“Ready or not, it seems certain that self-driving vehicles are on their way,” notes LOGISTIQ. “Freight and cargo companies need to be ready for that change—and for all of its implications. A good way to get ready is to review your current insurance coverage and potentially revise it.”

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