Self-Driving Cars Can't Always Detect Motorcycles, May Cause Serious Accident & Injury

A new study suggests that the sensors on autonomous vehicles may not be strong enough to detect motorcycles. Motorcycle Lawyer Pro weighs in with its commentary.

​Driverless cars are becoming increasingly popular on American streets, posing a high level of convenience and a number of state-of-the-art safety features. While these vehicles pull out all the stops to avoid accidents, however, they are hardly foolproof and, according to one recent study, motorcycle drivers may be the ones who are most endangered. According to the study, the sensor technologies used on many self-driving vehicles may not be adequate for detecting nearby motorcycles. In a new statement to the press, Motorcycle Lawyers Pro weighs in.

“Even if you’re the safest motorcyclist in the world, you could still become seriously injured in an accident - even an accident that isn’t your fault,” comments the California-based motorcycle lawyer. “This study is further evidence that you just can’t always trust the other vehicles on the road to keep a safe distance from your bike.”

The same study that finds many driverless cars imperil motorcyclists also suggests that pedestrians and bicyclists are at an elevated risk. “The thrust of the study seems to be that these vehicle sensors are designed to pick up other cars and trucks, but nothing smaller,” says Motorcycle Lawyer Pro.

“It seems that these sensors, rather like human drivers, are pretty good at detecting large objects but are not so good at detecting smaller vehicles, like motorcycles,” confirms the RideApart article.

For those who drive motorcycles on the open road, the first implication here is vigilance. “You never know who you’re sharing the road with, or how responsive they’ll be to your bike,” comments the motorcycle accident attorney.

Second, it’s important to be aware of how to respond to a motorcycle accident. “If you’re not seriously injured, you’ll want to call the police to file a report,” says Motorcycle Lawyer Pro. “If possible, you may also want to move your bike out of the way, so that it doesn’t pose further risks to oncoming traffic.”

Seeking medical care is essential. “Maybe you’ll get lucky, and walk away with just a few scrapes and bruises,” says Motorcycle Lawyer Pro. “Nevertheless, you’ll always want to be evaluated to make sure you don’t have any latent injuries.”

Finally, it’s critical to contact a motorcycle accident attorney. “Reach out to someone with the expertise to walk you through the claims process and the passion to help you get the maximum monetary compensation,” the firm concludes.


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