Self-Appointed Handwritten Note Advocate Takes Advocacy on the Road

Paradise Valley, Arizona. January 10, 2011 - Cindy Zimmermann, founder of Writing In Style, will be featured in "salons" held in Nevada, California, and Colorado.

Partnering with Pete Paradise of Paradise Pen, Denver, Colorado, popular stationery and bookstores, guests will be invited to share stories of handwritten notes. Zimmermann will be in Nevada week of January 24, 2011, Southern California, week of February 1, 2011, and Colorado, week of February 7, 2011. will have the current free scheduled appearances.

"Salons" long recognized as the forum held in part to amuse, yet refine and increase knowledge of guests through conversation, since 2005 Zimmermann is known to hold court as the "Self-Appointed Handwritten Note Advocate". As a columnist for PenWorld magazine, admirer of Cloth Envelopes and Flying Wish Paper, Zimmermann brings unique products, unexpected topics, and discussions to her salon-style events.

Along her road trip, Zimmermann will be recording noteworthy stories of the handwritten note for her blog at and her forthcoming book, Handwritten Note Heaven.

The success of the lunch series "Writing Together" at Eddie's House in Scottsdale, Arizona, this past fall was the impetus for Zimmermann to take her advocacy on the road. Along her travels, Zimmermann will be encouraging audiences to visit Arizona and all of the wonderful hotels, spas, restaurants, individuals, activities, that make Arizona great; such as Chef Eddie Matney.

Cindy Zimmermann, founder of Writing In Style, LLC, is passionate about ensuring handwritten communication remains a vital part of our culture and history. Founded in 2005, Writing In Style, LLC, merges education, advocacy and product offerings to celebrate and preserve the handwritten word.

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