Seiko Velatura Alarm SNAE76P1 SNAE76P SNAE76 Mens Watch

The crests and troughs ensure one do not trap any water or sweat and lets enough airflow to keep one's skin dry.

Building watches that are resistant to the extreme forces of the nature is a daunting task but when the name on the dial reads SEIKO, one can stay rest assured that the job is done and it’s done well! So welcome the Seiko Velatura SNAE76P, a watch developed to perform on the wild, open ocean and if need be, on the dusty tracks of life’s highway!

There’s no doubt that Seiko fulfilled the duty of meeting the most severe of challenges in the art of watch-making with the Seiko Premier Kinetic and over all these years, things have evolved beyond their rudimentary 2007 concept. Today, it is characterized by higher levels of robustness, functionality, reliability and durability, making it the first choice of professional and recreational sailors considering every second their chance to win against the deadly forces Nature sends their way to test their mettle.

Right from its launch in 2007, Seiko perpetual calendar bagged the credits for being the instrument of choice by the International 49er Class Association; the 49er class - the fastest boats in the Olympic regatta demand the best of sailing skills and a dauntless heart.

The SNAE67P was released in 2011; it marks the 4th year of partnership between Seiko and the International 49er Class Association. The model houses a 7T62 calibre with alarm and stopwatch functionalities and features a crown guard which doesn’t only protect the crown from accidental shocks but also the entire watch if one manage to hit it sidewise. From the top, it’s the Sapphire glass that takes all the hit and polyurethane strap is not going to go apart unless one is pulling it with horses on opposite directions. It’s an overall tough package meant to handle the most gruelling of tasks, not just boat racing.

The case back is quite attractive. The crests and troughs ensure one do not trap any water or sweat and lets enough airflow to keep one's skin dry. This adds to the overall comfort level; how much ever reliable, desirable or precise a timepiece might be, unless it delivers the required level of wearing comfort, it doesn’t count. In short, the Velatura sticks to the marine Seiko watch tradition while gently chucking out its flaws. A sensible reworking of their 1965 Divers technology and the Velatura was born with a tougher skin and a heart. High-sea strains now have something to be afraid of – one's Velatura SNAE76P1!

The influences from pro-level sailing instruments (also some of their internal mechanisms) find place in the Velatura. The super-secure, screw-down crown is just one visible example; for another, take a look at the bezel screws (they resemble locks on marine devices). One got anything greater that one might call a tool?

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