Seiko Superior Automatic Diver's 200M Canvas Strap SRP497K1-NS1 Men's Watch

Among the stark differences, the most obvious would be the slightly smaller hour markers and the rectangular loupe over the day/date window.

One can never argue with a Seiko. It’s hard to beat Seiko in its affordability; the built and its general cool looks. Looking for value in mechanical watches? The Seiko mechanicals kind of define it and there is at least one mechanical watch for every budget. Absurd to incredibly affordable - the Seiko Superior comes somewhere near the mid-point on the scale. It’s Superior, for the finishing is of a higher grade than the traditionally built SRP series watches.

The Seiko Superior Automatic Diver's is placed fairly high in the Seiko’s product category and quite low in premium. Still, there’s no shortage in its features, its wildness and its rarity. One could just be one of the 2500 lucky guys the world over to own one!

No, wait. Perhaps one would like to hear first why it’s called the Stargate II?

The Stargate name comes from the v-shaped bezel-pip resembling the prop from Stargate the movie (and TV series).  Its case finishing is the same as with the Seiko Prospex Sumo (JDM). It’s better for what purpose? This is not something one would consider to be dressy or formal, but it matches with most of the casual outfits.

This doesn’t also include business casuals.

The 4R36 Stargate is the 7S36 model (2010) upgraded to 24 jewels (one jewel extra) and hack and manual wind features. Or, as they call it - The Stargate II is aesthetically a tribute to the legendary 6105, the venerable and vintage Seiko diver from the ‘70s. The new Stargate’s case design resembles that of the old legends! Both are asymmetrical but near to the cushions’.

It’s the crown guard area that carries the maximum similarity. There are subtle differences that makes the Stargate II look nicer with a tad smaller size and therefore, more acceptable socially. Factory work or playing Polo, one don’t need to change with the needs.

Among the stark differences, the most obvious would be the slightly smaller hour markers and the rectangular loupe over the day/date window. Then slowly, one come to the Montre Seiko automatique strap, which is essentially a nylon pass-through strap with a fixed metal buckle and two metal rings. One holds the strap into place and the other fitted below the buckle end to secure the tail doesn’t hang free. The British Ministry of Defence (MOD) commissioned the trademarked (by International Watchman, Inc.) design in 1973. It’s also called the G10 as they appear in the MOD requisition catalogue. In a civilian life, it will last almost as long as the watch.

But this NATO comes with a difference. It’s not entirely canvas but a mix of canvas and leather, the latter firming the ends and the mid-area. Now, that sure doesn’t come with too many watches!

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