Seiko Sportura Chronograph Watches: Urban Adventure Got a New Wear

Sportura Alarm Chronograph watches were introduced in 2011, as one of Seiko's new and nicer, mainstream options.

Behind the Sportura label there’s five decades of expertise and experience backing up what the world of horology considers one of the pinnacles attained in the world of sports timekeeping. The Big Calendar  chronograph and the Sportura Alarm chronograph from Seiko are the two chronograph models in the Sportura  range. Accurate sports timing for all those who live life sportily and hunting for an accessory to fit their every need.

Sportura Alarm Chronograph watches were introduced in 2011, as one of Seiko's new and nicer, mainstream options. They are attractive and capture attention pleasantly. They inter-twine impeccable designs and logical functions, resulting in easy to read dials and practical utility. A real treat, the Alarm chronograph has a few options (SNAE69, red accents/metal bracelet; SNAE65, red accents/leather strap; SNAE67, black case/yellow accents/leather strap).to choose from, the influence of the higher-end Seiko Ananta clearly visible in them. For example, the case, the pushers and the hour hands. One find almost the same in the Ananta Spring Drive.

It will be; however, wrong to judge the Sportura Alarm chronograph only under the Ananta light; the Alarm chronographs have their own attributes besides those from the parent design. The slimness, to cite one; sharp-looking lugs, the next. The relatively thinner case gives the Alarm chronograph an impressive stance when worn. A handsome mix of style and practicality, the sharp look of the Sportura Alarm Chronographs are one of the destinations for anyone serious about watches. The new-age, signature Sport models, there are both complex and crisp designs to choose from. All have anti-reflective sapphire crystals.

So much said, the Alarm chronograph runs on the 7T62 quartz movement. It shows time, the date, a 60-minutes chronograph and allows setting alarm (hence the name). It has been given a really long lifespan, which is must if one is building a sporty theme around complications.

The Big Seiko Premier; however, smells a different flavor. It’s that kind of a sporty watch with a very well done black-and-yellow theme. The Big Calender is a 2014 release for those who actually like flooring the gas pedal on open roads.

To give one an idea – there’s a new, geometrically textured dial (both the surface patterns and the hour markers); a tri-compax layout for the chronograph registers (with a raised steel border to the minute totalizer), a macho 44.5mm case and blue/black colorways. Inside, there’s a 7T04 quartz chronograph movement that records till 60 minutes and also 1/5-second increments.

The Seiko premier watches are the only other sports watch than the Rolex Submariner, which go with formal business wear and business casuals without breaking a step. If one got a tech-oriented job, it’s all the better. They just don’t break.

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