Seiko Alarm Chronograph Pilot's Flightmaster Gold Plated SNA414P1 Watch

Pilot watches, undeniably, are a flyer's tool but street fashion opted for the flieger style quicker than pilots could.

They are high-performance and feature-packed and that’s a primary point modern fashion is really keen about. One's thing must not only look good but must also do something and do it well. The Seiko Alarm Chronograph Pilot’s Flightmaster Gold Plated SNA414P1 watch pleases from all aspects.

The gold-plated Seiko Sportura Chronograph pleases for sure! The round black dial and the luminous markers and luminous hands – both on the larger side – are surrounded by a serrated-edge, bi-directional, rotating, slide-rule, stainless steel bezel with a date window (at the three o’clock position) and three sub-dials underneath. With the chronograph, measure up to sixty minutes (in 1/5-second increments); the alarm is set with aid from the two-hand sub-dial which also helps to keep check on a second time zone. The bezel makes possible performing many types of calculations (ETA, Fuel Consumption etc.) that are absolute essentials both on flight and road, as long as one is operating high-speed machinery.

The crystal atop the dial is scratch-resistant, domed Hardlex but that’s not half as interesting as the screw-down crown and caseback despite being tough as a nut and doing a magnificent job magnifying the fine writing of the internal EB6 rule, telemeter and the tachometer. The screw-down feature ensures one may also wear it in water. Don’t forget to take it along the next time one go skin diving. The battery will last three years max; with real heavy and frequent use of the chrono and alarm, expect to replace every 2 years.

Here comes the million dollar question: Why should one even bother if one have a higher budget? Here’s why:

i.    Walking around with thousands of bucks on the wrist is flattering but uncomfortable unless one is a millionaire.

ii.    The face has a great depth. It gives a very substantial and classy look.

iii.    At 42mm (w/o the crown), it’s not the usual monstrosities – how much ever expensive it might be – one come across in the name of pilot watches.

iv.    Very solid and smooth bezel action, as much as the fliegers costing few thousands of dollars.

v.    Hits the sweetest spot between balance and weight! About the same weight (if not equal) as its costlier counterparts.

vi.    The alarm sub-dial with time function is Seiko Flightmaster Watches proprietary design, hence unique!

vii.    Black and gold is a visually striking and extremely readable combo.

Hope that answers one's queries on this dressy Seiko Flightmaster Chronograph. One can wear it for dressier, formal occasions. If one is a pilot, it’s all the better. It’s a high-quality quartz watch that will really come to use on flight. And off it!

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