See Celebrity Car Aficionado Ted Vernon at The Moultrie Car Show & Swap Meet

Meet Ted Vernon From Nov. 13-18, 2018

Ted Vernon

Celebrity Ted Vernon of Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles Inc. announces he will be making an appearance to "The Peach State," Georgia. He will attend The Moultrie Car Show & Swap Meet that is taking place Nov. 13-18.

Ted Vernon is an auto-dealer, but also a movie actor, film producer and profession prizefighter. His most noted credit is "South Beach Classics," which airs on the Discovery Network. Vernon serves as an executive producer and occasionally makes appearances as a featured guest. He and his company are based out of Miami, Florida. In addition, Vernon has done numerous music videos, including "My Blue Angel" with Aaron Tippin and Miami High Boy Music video with Don Johnson and Andrew Hugger, and has had his own rock and roll music band for many years as lead singer of Ted Vernon and the Bulldogs, The Chromatics and The Autotones. Vernon's lifestyle was documented in the series "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

The Moultrie Car Show & Swap Meet is a three-day event that takes place at Spence Field in Moultrie, Georgia. The event will feature parts, tools, literature, equipment, antique and performance parts, jewelry, crafts, clothing, candles, woman’s accessories, collectibles and special interest items. The event will also host hundreds of vehicles that will be for sale. Moultrie Swap Meet is known as “The South’s Fastest Growing Swap Meet.” It features 70,000 square feet of inside spaces and over 4,000 outside areas. The event asks for no dogs and no golf carts to be allowed on the premises.

About Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles Inc.: Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles Inc. is a fixture in the South Florida classic car business for over 40 years. With their sufficient expertise and a wide selection of automobiles from any era, they have classic cars for sale and provide these classic automobiles for several occasions such as professional modeling shoots and movie and television rentals -- including high-profile movies. One can buy, sell or trade classic cars via this unique business. To learn more about their sales and services in Miami or view their extensive inventory of classic cars, contact them today.

Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles Inc.

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