Security and Intelligence Pioneer Joanne Isham Joins HyTrust Federal Advisory Board

New board member brings extensive experience with government intelligence organizations

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--HyTrust, Inc. today announced that industry pioneer Joanne O. Isham—whose professional background includes lengthy stints in the Central Intelligence Agency and extensive experience with numerous private sector corporations—has joined the HyTrust Federal Advisory Board. The board, which was formed last year to help the company build on its momentum in the public sector, comprises members with distinguished track records in the defense sector and other government agencies, along with technology security veterans. The goal is to assist government agencies in achieving the cost and agility benefits of cloud and virtualization technologies while ensuring that mission information is protected.

Security and intelligence pioneer Joanne Isham joins HyTrust Federal Advisory Board

"We're privileged to have Joanne join our Federal Advisory Board and help us identify and pursue key target markets with innovative security solutions," said John De Santis, Chairman and CEO of HyTrust. "She brings both the depth and the diversity we need to create and offer virtualization and cloud technologies that government agencies can rapidly deploy to respond to market forces while continuing to reduce costs. We're thrilled to have her on board and look forward to working together for a long time."

Ms. Isham was previously a career officer with the CIA and has also held several senior management positions in the intelligence community. From September 2001 to 2006, she served as Deputy Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Before that assignment, she was Deputy Director for Science and Technology at the CIA, serving as the principal executive overseeing the CIA's scientific and technical program, with particular responsibility for clandestine technical activities and Agency research and development.

Her work has included serving as Director of Congressional Affairs for the Director of Central Intelligence, in which capacity she oversaw the CIA's congressional and legislative interests. She also served as the Deputy Director of the Resource Management Office of the Community Management Staff (CMS) and as CMS's Director of Program Analysis. In these roles she oversaw budget and resource issues spanning the entire intelligence community. She also spent a number of years on assignment with the National Reconnaissance Office as Director of Legislative Affairs, a program monitor for National Programs, and a program manager.

Ms. Isham has been recognized for her service on numerous occasions. Her honors include the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award, National Intelligence Medal of Achievement, CIA Distinguished Intelligence Medal, NGA Distinguished Intelligence Medal, and the Defense Intelligence Agency's Director's Awards.

Her career in the private sector has been similarly successful. From 2007 to 2008, Ms. Isham was the Chief Operating Officer at High Performance Technologies, Inc. (HPTi). Before that she was VP and Deputy GM of Network Systems at BAE Systems. In that capacity she had direct responsibility for identifying strategic opportunities within the intelligence community, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security. She is currently an independent consultant, working with a variety of clients in the defense and intelligence sectors to develop strategies, identify high-value opportunities, address critical challenges and transform their business.

"My career has led me in many different directions, but I've always been drawn to institutions and roles that seek to strike the right balance between security and innovation," Ms. Isham noted. "I believe HyTrust is in exactly that position. Virtualization and the cloud clearly offer tremendous benefits ranging from lower costs to greater flexibility, but each organization has its own priorities and challenges. I look forward to helping this company take its exciting solutions much further into the government market."

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