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When I speak of the secret law of attraction, I am not referring to what was exploited in the movie, The Secret. I am referring to what Napoleon Hill meant in this book, Think And Grow Rich. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Napoleon Hill, he was a man commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to come up with a formula for success that anyone could achieve. (Remember that Forbes magazine ranks Carnegie as the second wealthiest man ever, just behind John D. Rockefeller.)

You see, in that book, there was not as much metaphysical talk or theories and speculation on how the infinite universe works to try and explain all things. (This is what some of the teachers in The Secret attempt to do.) No one man or woman can decipher the entire Universe. What he did was show the world a way that they could achieve and accomplish their goals.


No one can deny that the early 1900's was a much harder time for the average American to break from the social class that he was born into than it is today. There was no internet, there was no mass transportation system (other than locomotives and steam ships) and yet, there were so many people that built empires from such humble beginnings. Carnegie, Sears, Woolworth, Rockefeller, etc.

These names now adorn our buildings, libraries and parks throughout the country. And most of them started out with nothing more than a dream and a couple of dollars in their pockets. What they did was learn how to break free from their beginnings and build a much better future for themselves and fro many others who built careers with their companies.

The law of attraction. It can be confusing if you want to try to explain all of the many mysteries of the universe. But, when you are looking for a way to achieve success and to break barriers in your life and experience a new sense of self, wealth and life in general, then you must learn the real law of attraction!

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