Secret Behind Zyppys Phenomenal Success- Unraveled

Convenience, Reliability & Quality - appears to be the success mantra behind the applauding success of Zyppys, an Outstation cab service provider.

Convenience, Reliability & Quality – appears to be the success mantra behind the applauding success of Zyppys, an Outstation cab service provider. Barely launched two months ago the popularity of this easy- to- navigate app is growing from strength to strength. The car base which was meagre 100 two months ago has reached astonishing <3000+> now. The popularity is largely attributed to no major marketing gimmicks but a simple & effective word- of- mouth strategy.

The costs are kept to the bare minimum with a sole intention of passing all the value to the customer. The Company has adopted blue ocean strategy over red-ocean to totally disrupt the market and carve a niche for itself. The brains behind this huge untapped market are two technology professionals who had worked in an MNC, which was US multinational telecom giant, who left their promising careers to truly become a value driven entrepreneurs. Their passion to create value to the customers is reflected in their product – Costs go as low as Rs.8/km for long distance travel while convenience, reliability, & quality of the vehicles/chauffeur are not compromised. Each vehicle is inspected & ensured for safety, cleanliness, and well- kept condition besides the paperwork. This exercise is painstakingly repeated many times to ensure the safety and comfort for each ride.  Every chauffer’s credentials are verified to ensure all the records are clean. Each chauffer is trained on etiquettes in dealing with clients. This is perhaps the first Company in India which provides women chauffer’s, on request, when a woman or a child rider is involved. All the chauffer’s are hailed not just for their impeccable mannerism but also for their tacit knowledge on routes/weather/rest areas and other related long distance travel requirements.

Rajani, the co-founder & mastermind behind this product says “At Zyppys, everything we do revolves around customer. Their total satisfaction is the essence of our success. Total satisfaction encompasses our three pillars – Convenience, Reliability & Quality. With this we deliver incomparable value to the riders. What we say is what we deliver. We are really encouraged by phenomenon success of this product”. She has 18 years + experience in the corporate world, mostly working in North America, before stepping on the path of entrepreneurship. She meekly corrects her role is not just entrepreneurship with a goal of earning bucks but truly create and capture value to the clients and in the process share a small pie in the value chain for her co-founded Company, Twilight.  This reflects the social entrepreneurship practiced at Twilight with a noble cause – making long distance traveling affordable to all classes of population.

Madhu, another co-founder of the much acclaimed product plays down the success by saying “We had a first mover advantage in the market space. We had cut down all the expenses and introduced the final product at a highly competitive price point. We are fully cognizant this price point is not sustainable. That does not mean we are going to increase the prices. We have embarked on a journey of high volume & low margin business. We intend to make this product available to 1 million riders in next 6 months”.

First mover advantage coupled with scale economies seem to provide them a competitive advantage. The founders totally recognize as the popularity of the product increases the same can be replicated by new entrants. To wither the competition, Rajani says “We are aware there would be competition in this space. We welcome the new entrants as that keeps us on toes. At Zyppys we constantly work on upgrading the product by adding new features and meeting unmet/dynamic needs of the customers”.

The service is currently available from 10 Cities. The Company has plans to launch in 44 cities in next 12 months. At Zyppys, we spend substantial time in inspecting the vehicles & training the chauffeurs. Every vehicle and chauffeur is screened and selected by our team of experts.

Rajani sums up the whole conversation “If I have to describe the whole value proposition in a simple phrase, it essentially means we are offering fine dining food at a price of fast food eatery”.

Next time when you have to travel long distance and at the same time wish to save some money, you may like to try Zyppys at or call 90 1419 1419 or simply download zyppys at appstore. This is available on Google, Apple and other android service providers. Relax, sit back & enjoy the ride!

Shank K Vasudev, the Marketing & Relationship Management head confidently says, “our strength is building relationships that are of long-term; our success would be built on the foundation of customer trust and brand recall ability. The only aspect our customers would remember us should be of our service quality and we will do everything ensuring that service is not compromised at any cost”. Shank K Vasudev comes with an industry experience of over 15 years and is well known for his relationship skills. He served as Assistant Vice President – Sales & Marketining for global investment managers for 12 years and he brings his experience to this innovative concept.

Shank K Vasudev continues saying, “Since the e-commerce business is almost a faceless interaction platform we will strive to bring a touch of personalization where our customers will feel they are not dealing with a machine but with real people”.

Shank K Vasudev confidently concludes by mentioning, “If you have a happy customer one need not spend on advertising since publicity is the cost effective form of advertisement, this is where we would differ from the rest of the players”.

About the Company:
Zyppys is an online taxi aggregator company for outstation travel in major metro cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur and Warangal.  Customers can book a taxi for intercity travel either through app, online or by calling at the call centre. It’s very convenient, easy, safe and reliable to book a taxi with Zyppys.

About Zyppys

Zyppys offers affordable online taxi services in India. You can hire there cab services in major metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore and more. For more information contact at +91-9014191419.

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