Secondary Market Prices for Reservations on the Big Game and Valentine's Weekend Explode on AppointmentTrader

The Big Game and Valentine's Day in one continuous long weekend, paired with the lifting of mask mandates in California and many other states, have created the perfect storm for restaurants and generated one of the most intense reservation shortages in history.

More than 100 people were offered rewards in excess of $11,000 to get their hands on one of the now impossible-to-get reservations in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles for the coming days, the most ever on AppointmentTrader, a marketplace for Appointments and Reservations, which allows its users to buy and sell appointments and reservations at the world's most oversold venues. 

Notable Transactions include $400 for a Table for 2 at Delilah Las Vegas, three Michelin Star-restaurant Joel Robuchon Las Vegas for $260, $200+ Bids for Contessa Boston (Average Bid: $139), The Polo Bar New York (Average Bid: $75), 4 Charles Prime Rib New York (Average Bid: $70) or Nobu Malibu (Average Bid: $63).

The AppointmentTrader-owned "Popularity Score" analyzes how many cell phones enter a venue per hour, how many people search for the venue on search engines and on AppointmentTrader, and takes holidays, weekends and local events into account to rate any hour within the next 365 days on a scale from 0-10 in popularity.

For "Super Valentine's Weekend", the LA area is seeing Popularity Scores hitting the highest tier 10, almost every hour of the day from today until Monday.

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