Second-Generation Napa Vintner Unveils Exclusive New Wine: The One In A Million

A look at how The One In A Million is redefining the fine wine experience.

Extraordinary, Limited Edition, and One of a Kind | The One In A Million

Greta Montgomery, Managing Partner of Martin Estate, a historic 1887 winery renowned for its estate-grown Cabernet Sauvignon, proudly announces the debut of her new wine brand, The One In A Million.

Founded in 2018, The One In A Million is a Single Vineyard Napa Valley wine committed to excellence and crafted with a focus on phenomenal vintages of structured purity. Minimal intervention farming practices and attention to detail at every stage, from hand harvesting to bottling, distinguish The One In A Million. The inaugural vintage comprises only four exceptional barrels, totaling 100 cases, featuring 100% Rutherford Petit Verdot. This underappreciated red varietal, known for its bold and powerful flavor profile, is often the silent star in leading Napa Valley wines, thus making it the perfect choice for the first edition. The composition varies with each release and remains limited, representing spectacular and exemplary barrel lots of the vintage – The One In A Million.

“I aspired to craft a wine of the highest standards; one that was truly rare, unique, and one of a kind,” says Montgomery, whose heritage is rooted in the Napa Valley. “I was fortunate to grow up in the wine industry and learn all facets from a young age.” She and her family own Martin Estate, one of the last pre-prohibition stone wineries under private ownership specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon. “There is a defining difference in quality when the focus is on single vineyard wines made in a traditional style.” This approach, though time-consuming and labor-intensive, elevates the final product. Montgomery adds, “Winemaking starts in the vineyard, and I am privileged to uphold our practices of sustainable farming, overseeing the journey from vine to bottle.”

The One In A Million is designed to be more than an outstanding wine, and elevates expectations with a direct focus on customer experience. “Wine is a connector, uniting people, marking celebrations, and preserving memories," Montgomery reflects. “My intent was to make a wine that meant something on every level of its existence – and have this meaning transcend from the moment it arrives at your door.” This philosophy is embodied in the wine's presentation, delivered in an elegantly crafted box featuring the brand's signature single star—symbolizing the distinctiveness and uniqueness of The One In A Million. “I believe customer experience matters and details matter,” Montgomery says. She adds, “While the wine itself is the one in a million, a pure expression that will never be duplicated, the true meaning comes from those who choose to enjoy it. Whether honoring a friend, celebrating an achievement, or toasting a special Monday night, this wine is meant to be part of your one in a million moments.”

The One In A Million is now available in one and three bottle presentation boxes, and enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their bottle to partake in this extraordinary fine wine experience.

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Extraordinary, Limited Edition, and One of a Kind | Guiding principles to create a wine like no other. As a second-generation vintner, Greta Montgomery embarked on a mission to craft the exceptional with an unwavering commitment to quality—resulting in The One In A Million. Her vision revolves around exclusive, limited-production, terroir-driven wines from the Napa Valley, presented in exquisite and meaningful packaging. Each release promises a unique, unrepeatable experience.

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