Seattle's Georgetown Art Attack Gets All Steamed Up When Rung Studio Presents the Steampunk Wonders of Anthony Jon Hicks

An Art opening for the Steampunk Room of Wonders of Noted Explorer, Illustrator, and Bodger Shamus Tinplate will happen on Saturday, February 13th at Rung Studio in Seattle's historic Georgetown neighborhood.

Seattle, WA -- On Saturday February 13, 2010 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Rung Gallery in Seattle's historic Georgetown area will be transported to a past that never was for the art opening of Steampunk Wunderkammer - A Steampunk Room of Wonders of Noted Explorer, Illustrator, and Bodger Shamus Tinplate. Artist Anthony Jon Hicks is a member of the Seattle Steamrats, a group devoted to the artistic and cultural genre called Steampunk, variously defined as retrofuturism or Neo-Victorian science fiction. Awareness of the genre has been growing, including a Time magazine article this last December. In his persona of Shamus Tinplate he, "seeks answers which should not be sought, builds things that should not be built, and sells them to individuals one should not know." Mr. Hicks is adept in many media, building rayguns, respirators and other marvels using found objects with cold assembly, creating mixed media masks and imaginary creatures, painting and drawing fantastical images including comic book art, and photography.

Rung Studio is a creative space for photography and film work, as well as an art gallery. The owners seek out and show art of multi-media/dimensional forms that change/rearrange the energy of the space, and stimulate those who come to the Studio. Of Mr. Hicks, Bonnie Schneider-Clark with Rung Studio states, "We were definitely drawn to his industrial, whimsical talent, the diverse avenues he works with and in, and his playful attitude that comes through his art."

The show will run until March 5 and the gallery is open Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM, and evenings and weekends by appointment. Sharing the gallery space with Mr. Hicks will be Seattle painter, Alexandria Sandlin. The opening on Saturday is part of the Georgetown neighborhood art walk - Art Attack - which is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary. Dozens of nightclubs, cafes and shops in the area will be presenting a vast array of visual and performing arts and offering all manner of food and drink

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