Seattle Police Department Partners With Fisher Wallace to Improve Officer Wellness

The launch of a study with clinical oversight from Washington State University marks the commencement of this partnership between SPD and Fisher Wallace

Today, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) has announced a strategic partnership with Fisher Wallace, the market leader in prescription wearable technology for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, to support officers' mental health and wellbeing. Participating in a pilot study, the SPD is engaging in this partnership to better provide officers with mental health resources. Washington State University will serve as the clinical lead on the study.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, law enforcement officers are at a higher risk for negative mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). SPD is partnering with Fisher Wallace in efforts to combat these problems as well as provide additional mental health resources to improve community and employee health. This partnership also comes at a time when all industries are facing the impact of a nationwide labor shortage. In addition to having a committed focus on improving mental health outcomes, SPD is leveraging the pilot study data to inform potential employee benefit programs.

"Acting as public servants, police officers will often put the wellbeing of others in front of themselves. The stress of responding to tragic events happening in our community has significant impacts on officer wellness that accumulates over the course of a career," said Seattle Police Department Chief Adrian Diaz. "By engaging in this partnership with Fisher Wallace, we're hopeful to identify resources and treatment solutions for our officers who have experienced on-the-job stress impacting their mental and emotional health."

Fisher Wallace's prescription wearable brain stimulation technology is validated by rigorous scientific research, including multiple clinical trials conducted in the U.S. during the pandemic. In clinical studies and practice, a majority of patients experience durable symptom reduction within two weeks of daily 20-minute treatment sessions. The technology causes no serious side effects, may be used in conjunction with medication or talk therapy, and provides safe, fast, and effective relief.

"Fisher Wallace is on a mission to create lasting change for those facing mental health challenges, and we are proud to partner with the SPD," said Kelly Roman, CEO of Fisher Wallace. "We understand the varying needs of individuals and want to provide solutions that fit seamlessly into their mental health care plans to create a sustained reduction of symptoms. Through this study, we believe we can help showcase the potential of our treatments for law enforcement officers and other first responders that are experiencing mental health challenges at high rates."

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Fisher Wallace Laboratories manufactures and markets the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®, a patented neurostimulation device that was cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


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