Seattle Chiropractic Clinic Treats All Stages of Pregnancy

Fremont Spine and Wellness, a prominent chiropractic clinic in Seattle, Washington, offers chiropractic care for all stages of pregnancy, including postnatal and pediatric care.

Dr. Shane Walton and Dr. Kayla Clark

While chiropractic care is best known as a corrective and injury-related treatment for adults and adolescents, Fremont Spine and Wellness of Seattle has witnessed transformative benefits in treating expectant parents. "There is no age limit for chiropractic care," says Dr. Kayla Clark of Fremont Spine and Wellness. "We can safely treat people of all ages," she states. "A lot of people believe that chiropractic is limited to treating adult injuries, or maybe poor posture in teens and young adults. But it can be used to help support the health of expectant parents, which in turn has a chance of positively affecting the health of a fetus."

Drs. Kayla Clark and Shane Walton of Fremont Spine and Wellness have treated expectant parents for various conditions and purposes at their chiropractic practice in Seattle, Washington. Parents-to-be may seek out chiropractic care to ease pregnancy pain, support spinal alignment, encourage proper fetal positioning in the womb, support the health of the ligaments and joints that stretch during pregnancy, and help balance hormones and chemicals in the body.

At Fremont Spine and Wellness, the expert chiropractors of Seattle, Washington, also practice the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique is a unique and distinct chiropractic treatment for pregnancy that adjusts the joints of the lower back. The purpose of this technique is to prepare the body for labor and delivery, and it can often contribute to improved uterine function, balanced pelvic contractions, and positive presentation of the fetus during delivery. "During pregnancy, we have patients who rely on the Webster technique to prepare for their delivery," says Dr. Shane Walton. "We love hearing success stories from patients who experience smooth deliveries, in part because they feel their body was supported by chiropractic care."

Chiropractic care isn't just supportive during pregnancy—Drs. Kayla Clark and Shane Walton also provide supportive care for parents after delivery, helping their bodies to readjust after the pregnancy process and return to their previous baseline of health. Additionally, Fremont Chiropractic offers pediatric care for children and infants, which can produce its own set of benefits when gently and safely applied.

Fremont Spine and Wellness is excited to offer cutting-edge chiropractic care to everybody at every age. In addition to pediatric care and specialized pregnancy techniques, Fremont Spine and Wellness in Seattle, Washington, also offers adolescent, adult, and senior care. Certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics®, a form of treatment that uses mirror-image® adjustments, spinal traction, and advanced digital imaging techniques, Drs. Kayla Clark and Shane Walton offer chiropractic care to aid in the healing of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, pain from injuries and car accidents, digestive disorders, and more in Seattle, Washington.

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