Seasoned SAP IT Consultants Launch Firm in Response to Evolving Business Needs

W5 Consulting Will Focus on Delivering Cost-Effective, Agile Data Insight

Platinum-level SAP consultants and business leaders Darrin Joncas and Scott Cunningham have joined forces to form W5 Consulting by merging their firms Endigm and Platinum DQ Consulting. W5 Consulting provides SAP IT services that are agile and cost-effective while producing discernable deliverables. W5 Consulting delivers data insights to help large, national clients drive their businesses through improved enterprise applications and business intelligence.

"IT consulting is going through a major shift and we understand that our clients require speed when it comes to their strategies quarter by quarter and that they need to trust their implementations, data, and analytics,” said Darrin Joncas, managing partner of W5 Consulting. “Companies can trust our hyper-focused, elite SAP experts to understand their enterprise applications and the way they work within the business.”

W5 Consulting’s business model uses onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources, allowing for measured scalability to control costs, a faster delivery cycle, and risk mitigation. The team consists of 20 employees and more than 200 known global delivery resources.

“Though our team is comprised of elite SAP consultants, it’s not enough to understand technology,” said Scott Cunningham, managing partner at W5 Consulting. “A huge differentiator for W5 is that we get to know your company’s culture and business processes first, then we tailor software systems for your specific needs.”

The W5 Consulting team has worked with more than 800 clients on reporting, ERP, governance, data, solutions, and web applications. While the firm works across industries and solutions, it specializes in oil & gas, financial consulting, supply chain, and sales & distribution.

About W5 Consulting

W5 Consulting is comprised of Platinum-level SAP consultants who specialize in data, business processes, and enterprise applications. The leadership team has decades of experience with more than 800 clients across multiple verticals, including oil & gas, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. The firm’s model utilizes onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources in order to control costs, speed up the delivery cycle, and mitigate risks. Learn more at

Lauren Yates
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Source: W5 Consulting