Season 3 Cabling Icon Winner Highlighted in Low Voltage Cabling Industry Magazine

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine interviews the Season 3 winner of Cabling Icon, Joe Barnes. He discusses his experiences and secrets for success working in the industry.

In a revealing interview by Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine, the Season 3 winner of Cabling Icon, a contest for technicians and installers in the low voltage cabling industry, discusses his experiences and secrets for success working in the industry.

Season 3 Cabling Icon winner, Joenathan Barnes, a Virginia resident, is the most recent recipient of the nationwide test of cabling skill. He and contest founder Dennis Mazaris were both recently featured in a Google Hangout interview by the lead editor of Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine Patrick McLaughlin.

McLaughlin opened the discussion with Joe Barnes asking "what challenges he faced as a technician and business owner?" Joe went on to explain that "… it doesn't matter how smart I think I am or how much endurance I think I have, I realized I can't do it alone. That was one of the things, when I started this business I had to make it run, a smart person will realize that it's smart to surround yourself with good people."

When asked about his day to day business operations he spoke of family and the support they offer to his objectives. "As I started bringing my family in, my wife came [on board] and she handles the financial side of things, there are still certain things I have to do, but she began to handle the financial side and it really took a lot off my plate. The biggest thing I learned is that I can't do it all on my own. It's important to have good people around you, I love having my family around me and it's truly a family business." His quality work set him apart and informed the judges for his victory.

Dennis Mazaris founder of the Cabling Icon Contest was asked what changes were made to keep the contest current and up to date. He made note of several elements such as:
• The move away from social network voting
• The change in prize pool that features a 2nd and 3rd place cash prize
• The implementation of a panel of industry professionals as judges

As the interview continued, Mr. Barnes offered advice for this coming season's Cabling Icon in the fall of 2014. "I would tell the guys you have to enjoy what you do, you have to enjoy it that's the bottom line, when you enjoy it, it makes the job easier, and the judges and other people will see that when they talk to you; they will see the love you have for what you do, and practice! It doesn't hurt." The judges made note of his love for the industry, his family support, and his thoughtful approaches to the Cabling Icon Contest.

For the past three years Concert Technologies has run Cabling Icon, a contest highlighting cabling technician's skills and abilities in telecommunications installations. The contest highlights contractors in a variety of cabling techniques and offers cash prizes, scholarships to industry classes, and the coveted Golden Punch Down Award to the winner; along with the honor of retaining the title of Cabling Icon.

Those interested in taking on the challenge can reach out for information at and learn how to get involved in the upcoming season 4.

The Season 3 Cabling Icon interview is available on YouTube here:

You can read the Cabling Installation & Maintenance article here:

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Cabling Icon was developed by the Concert Technologies team and is the first contest of its kind in the low voltage industry, focuses on education, expanding career opportunities, industry awareness, camaraderie and recognizing the skills, knowledge and hard work of the installers/technicians. Participants submitted videos throughout the multiple contest rounds, showcasing their skill, techniques and professionalism.

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