Search Engine Visionary Teams With Wonder Years Alumni Turned Entrepreneur to Launch Crowdsourcing Event Engine

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​Revolutionary non-partisan social empowerment and crowdfunding platform lets Americans start campaigns, create movements, manage events and volunteers - providing our nations citizens a platform to collaborate and engage like never before.  

While millions of Americans are hurting, there are millions of people who want to help. For those who have lost hope is the platform to believe in. will serve as the destination that unites those in need, while igniting those who care. is where compassion and exponential technology collide.

Unlike traditional crowdfunding sites, users can start a campaign for funding or support, coordinate an event, and crowd source volunteers for a cause.’s pioneering collection of user friendly tools help it to take sector to the next level.

Within minutes users can start a campaign for funding, volunteer assistance, supply donation, event co-ordination and promotion.

The simple and easy to use interface provides trust through transparency for contributors, whose donations go directly to the people and causes they are passionate about. is the only results tracking platform for community collaboration and contribution. CEO Courtney Jones said, “How do we stop the divide in our country? America needs to unite, America needs to heal from this election. gives ordinary Americans the tools to do extraordinary things.” He added, “It’s about time we use technology to bring our country together in a truly meaningful way.  With we can. We can’t just rely on the people in Washington, our greatest power is within us.”

Co-founder Jason Hervey stated, “It’s not about picking sides through politics, it’s about inspiration and activation, it's about uniting in a truly profound way to participate in something significant and meaningful." Hervey added, "Whether you’re sharing your story or hearing someone else's, the goal is to create hope where it might not exist, inspire and facilitate change by us and for each other."

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CEO Courtney Jones and co-founder Jason Hervey are available for interview.

About Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones is a serial American entrepreneur, long interested in discovering new and better ways to communicate. Courtney was Co-founder and Chairman of, a pay-per click search engine founded in 1998, many years before Google. It became the world’s first publicly traded Internet company on the NASDAQ to ever post a profit and as Co-Founder and Chairman, he led to become the 7th fastest growing technology company in North America to a nearly $1 billion market cap. He was also co-owner of Panther Racing, an Indy Racing Team sponsored by the National Guard, where he met with thousands of soldiers and worked alongside Medal of Honor recipients on programs to empower veterans seeking employment. is Courtney’s newest and grandest project: a superior crowdfunding platform, that combines the exponential technogies of crowd sourcing with event and volunteer coordination to unleash the energy of the American spirit.

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