Sea N' Soul is Taking a Community-Focused Approach to Save the Earth

Buying used outdoor gear has significant environmental benefits, including reducing over-manufacturing and reducing the carbon footprint of consumer retail goods.

Sea N' Soul

Sea N' Soul, the leading social marketplace for outdoor adventure gear and apparel, is working to build a community of advocacy for sharing important information that enables its users to get involved at the local and national levels to influence the government to support conservation efforts. This includes partnering with environmental nonprofit organizations with funding, grants, various resources and opportunities. Built by, and for, those who love the outdoors, Sea N' Soul is committed to preventing waste, stopping pollution and supporting sustainability at all costs.

"Our goal is to inspire the world to use what has already been produced, reduce the demand for new products that are not needed, and promote conscious outdoor recreation while helping to save our home planet," said John Kozlowski in an article for Adventure Journal.

When users buy or sell their adventure gear and apparel on Sea N' Soul, they're also helping give back to saving the planet; with each sale, Sea N' Soul donates a portion to nonprofit organizations like the Surfrider FoundationOutdoor Alliance and others like it that are committed to helping protect and repair the Earth. Users can also add additional donations to any transaction.

The Surfrider Foundation has been tackling plastic pollution head-on for over a decade. To date, the organization has conducted over 2,000 beach cleanups, removed over 650,000 pounds of trash and engaged over 100,000 volunteers across the U.S. To learn more, visit

The Outdoor Alliance is a nonprofit coalition of national advocacy organizations and is the only organization in the U.S. that unites the voices of outdoor enthusiasts to conserve public lands and ensure those lands are managed in a way that embraces the human-powered experience. The organization played a key role in helping to pass the Great American Outdoors Act, which allocates as much as $2.8 billion annually on public lands, outdoor recreation, maintenance, restoration and new green spaces. Learn more at

Sea N' Soul is considering opening to investors and is currently gauging interest to determine appropriate funding methods. The company is committed to taking a community-minded approach to developing and funding the app that's different than other crowdfunding opportunities, offering a true investment opportunity with the ability to get involved at the seed level for less than the cost of a nice dinner. Interested parties can get involved at the company's Fast Pitch Preview page on Fundify.

Following this initial round of gauging investor interest, the company may move to an SEC-regulated campaign for traditional investments.

Check out the Sea N' Soul welcome video here. The Sea N' Soul app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store, and desktop users can browse Sea n' Soul today at

About Sea N' Soul

Sea N' Soul was founded by John Kozlowski, an avid surfer and environmentalist. Sea N' Soul is an app that facilitates the consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer resale of used outdoor gear and apparel - like surfboards, mountain bikes, snowboards, etc. - while simultaneously creating a community of environmentally conscious adventurers. For every sale that is made within the app, Sea N' Soul donates a percentage of proceeds to earth-repairing nonprofit funds like the Surfrider Foundation and The Outdoor Alliance.

Their goal is to inspire the world to use what has already been produced, reduce the demand for new products that are not needed, and promote conscious outdoor recreation while helping to save Mother Earth.


John Kozlowski

Source: Sea N' Soul