Scruffiness: A True Sign of Generosity

Thousands of Police Officers Beard It Up For Childhood Cancer

Men Across the Country Beard It Up for Cancer

If you see a few more men sporting a bit of scruffiness this month, it’s likely for a good cause. Big-hearted men across the country are pledging to flaunt their finest facial hair in honor of our smallest warriors battling cancer. So far nearly 1,000 men across the United States have committed to putting down their shavers for the month of November and proudly show their beards. These men donate the money they would have spent on grooming to pediatric cancer research. The Cure Starts Now is playfully enlisting the beardliest of men to Beard It Up; with all proceeds from the campaign going directly to pediatric cancer research.

The Boys in Blue Beard It Up

We couldn't be more honored to have thousands of police officers join our Beard It Up Campaign. They truly understand sacrifice and the difficult journey these kids make as they battle cancer.

Brooke Desserich, Founder & Executive Director

Thanks to Cure Starts Now chapter directors Vicky & Troy Bridier and Melissa & James Fleming; Beard It Up has partnered with over 46 law enforcement agencies across the country – representing more than 8,000 officers including large municipalities like Houston Police Department. Many law enforcement families, like the Bridiers and Flemings, have lost children to cancer. And the commitment of Police officers’ to their job and each other has translated to an amazing pledge to help children battling cancer. Though the campaign is open to all men, The Cure Starts Now is honored to have the law enforcement community’s support.

About The Cure Starts Now

The Cure Starts Now is the leading funder worldwide of DIPG research and become one of the leading all pediatric brain cancers. Started in 2007 by parents who lost their 5-year-old daughter one of the deadliest types of cancer called DIPG. Devastated by the absence of any treatment options or research on the rare type of cancer, Brooke & Keith Desserich build a parent-run organization that focused on efficient and effective research funding that is collaboration based. Today, The Cure Starts Now is located in nearly 40 worldwide chapters and has funded over $12 million in research.

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