ScriptDrop and Adheris Health Pair Prescription Delivery With Adherence Programming

Partnership will connect patients to health and wellness-related programs and home delivery to reduce abandonment rates and improve long-term health outcomes.

 ScriptDrop Inc. and Adheris Health®, a MedAdvisor® company, are pleased to announce they will be partnering to further improve medication adherence for patients in all 50 states. 

Medication non-adherence is a very large and costly problem in healthcare, resulting in as much as $289 billion in avoidable costs and 125,000 lost lives every year. When patients are unable to access their prescriptions or don't understand why or how to take them, their therapy journey ends before it begins.

By combining Adheris Health's patient engagement solutions with ScriptDrop delivery, the two companies can help patients successfully start and stay on therapy. 

"This combination of education, support and access will be a game-changer. By providing an improved patient experience through intelligent engagement solutions and comprehensive resources coupled with the convenience of home delivery, we help empower patients to live healthier," said Adheris Health CEO and President, John Ciccio. ScriptDrop Vice President of Business Development, Lou Ann Myers, concurred. "This partnership is a winning solution for everyone involved," she said. "Providers can be sure that patients have started therapy. Pharmacists benefit from reduced prescription abandonment. Pharmaceutical brands can ensure patients have access to programs that help them stay on therapy. And, most importantly, patients are more likely to remain healthy long-term." 

ScriptDrop offers a streamlined, in-workflow prescription delivery solution that puts medications in the hands of the patients who need them. ScriptDrop allows pharmacies to electronically request same-day, on-demand, and shipping delivery on behalf of their patients. ScriptDrop then engages their nationwide courier network to take prescriptions from the pharmacy counter to the patient's doorstep. 

Adheris Health's innovative intelligent adherence solutions support and educate patients. By offering refill reminders, medication and health information, co-pay assistance, instructional content and other relevant resources delivered at just the right time, Adheris Health supports the patient throughout their health journey. Their unique, adaptable solutions reach over 120 million patients every year through Adheris Health's partnerships with premium national retail pharmacies. 

Together, Adheris Health and ScriptDrop offer an end-to-end solution that helps remove barriers to medication access for patients across the U.S. 

About ScriptDrop

ScriptDrop is the only healthcare IT company specializing in prescription access that serves patients in all 50 states. Since 2017, ScriptDrop has been improving drug adherence by delivering medication access opportunities through a robust platform, long-term data storage, multiple service levels, and first-class customer service.

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About Adheris Health®

Adheris Health®, a MedAdvisor® company, provides innovative patient health and wellness engagement solutions so patients can live healthful lives.

By leveraging the nation's largest comprehensive networks for patient and prescriber access, we support the patient through the most critical moments of care to ensure they start and stay on their prescribed therapy and wellness plans to maximize both patient and brand performance. 

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