Scrap Metal Recycling Program Supports Kenyan Widows & Orphans

Donations of scrap metal and old junk cars in middle Tennessee are fueling the Miracle Power Centers mission near Kisumu, Kenya in eastern Africa. The Miracle Powers mission team offers a free scrap metal pick up service to fund their activity.

Greg Holbrook and the Miracle Power mission team are working toward establishing a free scrap metal pick up service that operates full time and services industrial size clients, but they are not there yet and need some help to reach this goal.

The faith based mission team currently picks up scrap metal on a part time basis as they are able. People often call and ask Greg to haul away an old junk car or bring the aluminum cans they have been saving to a local church that supports Greg and the Miracle Power mission team so that they may travel back and forth the Kenya several times per year to strengthen the community of Kisumu.

In two years time the Miracle Power mission team has purchased land, built a mission center, and created a home for several orphans and widows. The mission team has also been successful in helping several pastors get established. A water well has recently been completed and now the small village at Kisumu will have life sustaining fluids year around.

The scrap metal donation program is imperative to the development of the small village in eastern Africa as the Miracle Power mission team plans to implement ongoing educational programs and install medical facilities with treatment centers to fight disease and bring the local people out of poverty.

The Miracle Power program is seeking contracts to broker scrap metal within industrial parks in the middle Tennessee area and beyond. Please consider stepping up and making the desicion to GIVE. One average size scrap metal contract could mean helping dozens of children live a better life.

If you are interested in donating scrap metal to the Miracle Power Kenya program contact Greg Holbrook via his mission teams website.


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