Scott Lester Says Donald Trump Presidential Election Greatest Entrepreneurial Win of All Time

Investor and entrepreneur Scott Lester believes an entrepreneurial mindset is what won Donald Trump the election.

​Scott Lester, who spends his time between England and the United States, was not eligible to vote in the 2016 presidential election and approaches the outcome without bias. He notes he is not political but from his experience, views the election of Donald Trump as the greatest entrepreneurial win of all time.

More than half of America, perhaps the world, was in shock after the election results were final, and the idea of Donald Trump as president will take some getting used to for many. Trump is not a politician though, he is a serial entrepreneur, who has now gained the ultimate political role. Lester believes the victory is a result of a winning mindset, self-belief and finding a way against the odds. Lester further notes that it’s about stamina and leadership and ultimately pulling off the greatest entrepreneurial underdog win of all time.

“In short, I believe it happened because Donald Trump decided his future, and his focus has become his reality,” says Lester. “If ever there was an example for us all to think big, to never give up on our dreams, surely this achievement is right up there. You can make it happen.” 

Lester believes Trump ran for president because of a deep desire to make a difference, to fix a problem he believes in, and to make things better for people. These are classic driving characteristics of many entrepreneurs. He notes that Trump rallied people who bought into his vision, which was simple enough for people to understand and embrace. Lester believes Trump motivated his supporters with two words - America First. 

“Like him or hate him, no one can ignore the sheer scale of the achievement of his dream or his vision for himself,” explains Lester. “He imagined himself in the White House, he believed he could actually do it, and he achieved it through unrelenting stamina. This is the classic profile for a high achieving entrepreneur.”

Lester questions if what happened with Trump is so different from Steve Jobs setting out with Apple in the late seventies taking on the mighty IBM or Ali beating Liston in ‘64 for the heavyweight championship of the world. Like Trump, no one gave them a chance, they were the underdogs. Lester notes that many similar entrepreneur examples are about people who are typically brash, unreasonable, politically incorrect, and unpopular (at least initially), and they are all disruptors.

Entrepreneurs disrupt industries, Lester explained. Trump has disrupted politics to a level that it is likely never to return the way it was before him. It’s more than an election win, this is an ideological shift in America as a country. Lester believes, the entrepreneur awoke the dormant national support he needed to achieve his vision.

“The thing about underdogs is that people root for them to win, or in this case, vote for them,” adds Lester. “It’s an inherent human condition to support the underdog. The entrepreneur gets the momentum started and preaches the vision to the people. The entrepreneur gets the people with them. They harness the masses of underdogs and the underdogs all showed up for this election in spectacular style.”

Lester believes Trumps ability to create an air of urgency to his cause with statements like, ‘This is it, folks, this opportunity is never going to happen again" got the job done. Entrepreneurs thrive on deadlines and if there’s isn’t one, they are going to set one. The question most on Lester’s mind is if Trump really has a plan to deliver now that he has won. To answer the question, Lester reflects on the quote by Richard Branson, the British billionaire entrepreneur – “Take the opportunity and figure out how to deliver it later.” 

Lester believes that Trump may have just pulled off the ultimate ‘fake it till you can make it’ moment. To learn more about Lester, visit

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Scott Lester is a successful investor, entrepreneur and an ambassador for several initiatives to help develop young entrepreneurs including Founders4schools and STEM. He lives and works in London, England and Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, visit

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