Scott D'Avanzo Invents Patent-Pending Technology to Increase Security Response Time in Mass Shooting Incidents

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, inventor and entrepreneur creates technology that detects high-rise window breakage

Adrenalin Technologies LLC

Inventor and entrepreneur Scott D'Avanzo, CEO of Adrenalin Technologies LLC, wants to improve security response time in the wake of mass shootings. His new patent-pending technology monitors and detects window vibration and breakage in high-rise hotels and other buildings. The system, known as Safe Place, is designed to immediately notify management of the room or suite number in the event of window vibration beyond a certain threshold or breakage.

One of the biggest challenges in the Las Vegas shooting was being able to identify just exactly where the shooter was at the time. Even when it was pinpointed to the Mandalay Bay hotel, law enforcement still had to clear floors and find the specific room. During that time, the shooting continued. While shootings from high-rise hotels and buildings have been rare, they pose additional complications for law enforcement to detect and stop.

D'Avanzo was in Las Vegas during the tragedy that occurred in 2017. It happened just a few blocks from his office. He was at his condo during the incident and was listening to a scanner app as police searched multiple floors and hotel rooms trying to find the room in which the shooter was located.

“As I was listening to the incident unfold, I was motivated to develop a device that could both save lives and prevent this type of tragedy from happening or at least minimize its overall impact,” explains D'Avanzo. “The system includes a sensor that is applied to an existing window that can detect vibration and breakage. The system also has other applications. For instance, it can go on an emergency exit door to indicate something is obstructing it, like in the case of the Capital Gazette shooting that just occurred in June.”

Adrenalin Technologies is currently seeking investors to continue development and the launch of this technology. Ideally, they would like to connect with a security company that is already providing commercial security services. For more information and to inquire about investment opportunities, visit

About Adrenalin Technologies LLC

Adrenalin Technologies, a Las Vegas-based company, specializes in security technologies for high-rise buildings with a primary objective of increasing public safety in the areas that are in close proximity to these types of properties. For more information, visit The company is also on Facebook -

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About Adrenalin Technologies

Adrenalin Technologies, LLC is a Las Vegas based company specializing in security technologies for hi-rise buildings with a primary objective of increasing public safety in areas that are in close proximity to these types of properties.

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