sciNote - First Open Source Scientific Notebook Released on Kickstarter

The creators behind sciNote - an open source electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) - believe that laboratories deserve reliable and easy-to-use software at affordable prices. They decided to launch sciNote via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which started on November 23rd (

»After fighting our own battle with growing amount of scientific data, we wanted to design a software platform, where every scientist could store their data and would be able to share it with everyone else,« explained Klemen Zupancic, PhD in Biomedicine,  leader of the team behind sciNote. »That is why we created sciNote, a free, open source, modular software specifically designed for life science students, researchers, technicians and laboratory managers«.

sciNote is intuitive and beautifully designed to allow rapid design and prototyping of new protocols and I am most keen for it to expand to allow integration into our LIMS.

Varun Ramraj, PhD, Oxford Genomics Centre

In addition, sciNote has a user-friendly interface for managing laboratory work and is safe for storing all scientific data. It runs on a secure server in the cloud but can also be installed locally. There is no limitation for the number of users, therefore it is suitable for laboratories of any size. Everything you change in sciNote is time stamped and all the data is archived and can be retrieved at any time.

sciNote organizes your work in projects and has intuitive features which you already use daily, such as: adding people to the project, adding tags and setting due dates, each project has tabs, where you can see the latest notifications, activities and comments from other participants, etc. In sciNote you can upload  any type of files and download reports as PDF files.

Modularity is what makes sciNote flexible and useful for every laboratory. Modules are either developed by the sciNote team or by the community. There is a number of open source scientific platforms out there which can be connected to sciNote so there will be an ever-growing selection of modules to choose from. Modules can be simple, such as reagent calculator or complex, such as bioinformatics modules. They can be connected with your existing, databases, laboratory instruments and software.

​Klemen Zupancic concluded: »sciNote is currently in beta version and needs just a final polish. Our vision is to make sciNote available to everyone and to transform it into the best scientific tool by implementing ideas from our community«.

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