Scientology Newsroom Announces Launch of Global Media Center

The Church of Scientology opened its multi-platform, motion picture and television studio Saturday, May 28, in Hollywood, to a crowd of some 10,000 Scientologists and guests.

Scientology Media Productions—a multi-platform, motion picture and television studio—opened Saturday, May 28 to a crowd of some 10,000 Scientologists and guests in Hollywood, California. The studio is the most modern and sophisticated digital media facilities of its kind on the planet.

​​With the opening of Scientology Media Productions May 28, the Church of Scientology is poised to harness the power of all media to reach anyone, anywhere, with a fully integrated digital media production center for TV, Internet and magazines.

In opening the Center, Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, said "It’s a history L. Ron Hubbard himself laid into Scientology—to share what wisdom we possess, to help others to help themselves. And, what goes with the territory: to ignore the catcalls from those who claim that Man cannot be understood, cannot be helped. But, we know different. We know Man can be helped. And even more than that, we know how to do it.”

In addition to being an evolutionary advance for the Scientology religion, SMP is a generous gift to the community. “We also open our doors to humanitarian organizations, charities and religions of every denomination in Los Angeles,” Mr. Miscavige said. “Our facilities will be open for all manner of community events, telethons, religious programming of all faiths, you name it.”

At the five-acre complex near the intersection of Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, the meticulously restored studio, originally built in 1912, includes state-of-the-art sound stages, creative suites, visual effects production areas, editing, audio recording and mixing, foreign language translation and dubbing—every aspect of broadcast and online production.

The editorial headquarters of Freedom Magazine, which produces hard-hitting human interest and investigative stories, are also housed at SMP. Freedom itself is being expanded as a global news organization that encompasses print, television, radio and Internet platforms.

The studio’s international media clearinghouse, accessible throughout the facility’s broadcasting, audio and publication operations, is linked at its core by 27 miles of fiber optic cable connecting a cluster of super computers with a combined capacity of 3.2 million gigabytes of information and media platforms, distributed to proprietary databases for instant translation.

Scientology Media Productions will be the nerve center spreading the Church’s message to the world, and a resource to the ever-growing number of Scientology Churches, humanitarian endeavors and social betterment programs throughout the globe.

For more information, visit the Scientology Newsroom.



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