Scientologist Builds a Better Future for Israel

Architect Ayelet Mallis is designing a different kind of structure these days—one that will support the future for the youth of her country.

​​​​For Ayelet Mallis, an Israeli architect and mother of two grown children, becoming a Scientologist was a turning point in her life.

Born and raised in Nazareth Ilit, Mallis served in the army and moved to Haifa at 20, where she studied at The TechnionIsrael Institute of Technology. For the past 20 years she has worked as an architect.

"All of a sudden I felt a great relief—I could go back to being who I am, being Eyelet."

Ayelet Mallis, Architect, drug prevention coordinator, Scientology Center of Tel Aviv

“I have designed public and private buildings, worked in interior design,” she says, “where I interact with people to achieve the aesthetics they want to accomplish.”

Mallis was going through a challenging period in her life when a friend helped her sort things out using Scientology.

“All of a sudden I felt a great relief—I could go back to being who I am, being Ayelet,” she says. She wanted to know how her friend was able to help her so profoundly. “Scientology,” her friend responded.

“For me Scientology is a wonderful thing. This is really my way of life,” says Mallis. Through Scientology, Millis gained a new perspective—and a new set of priorities.

“I realized that I can’t just look at my own life and my business and making more money or getting more things for myself and my children,” she says. “For me, Scientology is sanity, it enables me to operate sanely. It enables me to help the people around me in ways I couldn’t before. And from the moment I began in Scientology, my life has progressed in giant steps.”

Mallis became active in the drug and alcohol prevention initiative Scientology supports, and today is the chairman of the Israel Says No to Drugs Association. Proud of her volunteers, Mallis describes them as tireless. “We work all over the country giving lectures, workshops—and we see very, very good results.”

The more she learns about Scientology, the more she is able to accomplish her goals. “The word Scientology means knowing how to know,” says Mallis, “It’s just knowing how to understand life, how to live it, what to do in order to live better, why people think what they think and do what they do and how I need to operate to improve society and to improve conditions in my life.” 

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