Science Influencer Superstar Michael Stevens 'Vsauce' Launches First Ever, Limited Edition Music Collection

Michael Stevens, the science influencer superstar (over 20 million global subscribers), launches one-of-a-kind music collaboration with music producer Jake Chudnow set for launch on


Curiosity Box, the pioneers of engaging science subscription boxes, announced the most anticipated and demanded music release in YouTube history between the global science superstar Michael Stevens (Vsauce) and hit music producer Jake Chudnow. After 13 years and over 3 billion listens, the iconic soundtracks behind the Vsauce videos will be released. The songs that have become synonymous with the channel and for many, curiosity itself, will finally be released in a vinyl record collection.  

THE VSAUCE MUSIC COLLECTION BY JAKE CHUDNOW is a limited edition music collection that unites the renowned science communicator Michael Stevens, the genius behind Vsauce, and the exceptionally talented composer and musician, Jake Chudnow. In this exclusive vinyl collection, they combine their unique talents to create a truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind product experience, a first for Vsauce

Music lovers and fans of Jake Chudnow will be thrilled to discover a selection of previously unreleased songs, including some Vsauce fan favorites, carefully curated for this exclusive vinyl collection. The collection consists of up to four vinyl LPs, each containing previously unheard tracks with pre-orders only available until Dec. 22, 2023, at the Curiosity Box website.

This collaboration is not merely a convergence of creative minds; it represents a harmonious blend of art and education. The result is expected to be a collection of compositions that not only captivate the ears but also stimulate the mind.

"Jake Chudnow is the most interesting musician I know and I'm honored to be part of his story,” commented Michael Stevens, founder and star of Vsauce. “His music has not only been a backbone of Vsauce; it's since grown so large that for many people it has become the official soundtrack of all deeply absurd questions whatsoever. Usually heard under my voice but never by themselves, each song is now flying free thanks to this release. Like Rosalind Franklin's early images of DNA, these records reveal the structure of something that's been a mystery for far too long."

Music producer Jake Chudnow commented, "It's been a dream to collaborate with someone as innovative and intellectually curious as Michael. Our discussions about this release have spanned over a decade, filled with excitement and a shared vision to create something truly special. I'm humbled and deeply thankful to Vsauce, the Curiosity Box, and MEL Science who together are finally unveiling these previously-unreleased works to our loyal community."

THE VSAUCE MUSIC COLLECTION BY JAKE CHUDNOW will be released exclusively through with pre-orders closing on Dec. 22, 2023, and will be the first physical release ever to feature the music from Vsauce.

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Source: Curiosity Box

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