Science Author Mukesh Prasad Reports Greenhouse Gas Theory Has Fundamental Physics Error

The theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming due to Greenhouse Gases has a mistake in "blackbody temperature" calculations, according to science author Mukesh Prasad

Science author Mukesh Prasad is releasing his Mensa presentation along with his statement that the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming due to Greenhouse Gases has a mistake in "blackbody temperature" calculations. Prasad is the author of “A New Science: From Light to Eternity" and other books.

Prasad notes that “blackbody temperatures” are understood in physics to be theoretical and inaccurate. A blue body is not a black body, and its “blackbody temperature” calculations will not match its actual temperature, he explains. According to Prasad, the Global Warming theory is actually missing this understanding of fundamental physics. In the basic Global Warming theory, the actual temperature of Earth doesn't match the "blackbody temperature" as calculated, he explains. The Global Warming theory then pins the discrepancy on Greenhouse Gases. However, Prasad notes this is inaccurate. 

“The actual temperature of Earth is not supposed to match the blackbody temperature as calculated,” says Prasad. “The actual temperature is supposed to be higher, because Earth is not a perfectly black body, but a pale blue body. Thus, there was no need to look for culprits such as Greenhouse Gases.”

Prasad addresses the vast amount of evidence for the Anthropogenic Global Warming in his presentation about Climate Change at the Mensa Annual Gathering in 2016. He is now making this presentation about his findings public. He notes, “Yes, the vast evidence is scientifically incorrect, and is a result of scientists agreeing with Climate alarm due to massive government funding.”

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