Sciantis™ - Ocimum Biosolutions Unveils Its New Software Product to Handle Biologics Process Development and Data Management.

Ocimum Biosolutions announces release of its new software product, Sciantis™, a lab process and data management platform for biologics labs. Sciantis™ helps Labs to manage Biologics development process, automate data capturing and support lab Analyti

Mr. Subash Lingareddy, CFO, President of Ocimum Biosolutions, said, "Sciantis™ is our new software offering to serve Biologics companies in improving their development process and data management. This software also serves the regulatory needs of data capturing and management".

Mr. Sridhar Reddy, Senior Vice-President, Bio-IT said, "Sciantis™ is a new feather in our cap; we have designed Sciantis™ based on our 12+ years of experience in handling Lab process automation, data Management and Analytics".

About Sciantis™

Sciantis™ offers rich set of features including Biologics Registration, Clone management, Vector design and Management, Cell line Banking, Location management, Instrument management, Lab consumables management, High-throughput Plate Management, Scheduling Reactors and Sampling, Analytical Method development for upstream, in-process and downstream processes , Analytical Results tracking, Report Engine, notifications, Alerts and etc. Sciantis™ is 21 CFR Part11 compliant for electronic records with full audit trails and role based access. It is fully web based system works well in all popular browsers, support smart devices.

About Ocimum Biosolutions

Ocimum is a comprehensive genomics solutions provider with service offerings that span Sample and Data Management (LIMS, Biologics Data Management), Genomics Data Analysis Services such as Gene Expression, Genotyping, and Next Gen Sequencing; Bioinformatics and Genomics Databases (BioExpress®, ToxExpress®). Ocimum's expertise, global infrastructure, large capacity, standardized procedures and highly skilled staff make it one of a handful of preferred outsourcing partner's global companies. Ocimum's solutions are also used in industries such as food, agriculture, environment, chemicals and cosmetics.

Ocimum has received several awards including "Bioinformatics Company of the Year" awards for 2010 and 2011, from BioSpectrum, "Fastest Growing Life Sciences Company in India", " Customer Value Enhancement Award for Laboratory Information Management in India" by Frost and Sullivan in 2012, " Red Herring Asia 100, "IT Innovation Award" by NASSCOM and has been named in the Deloitte list of Fastest Growing companies in Asia, four years in a row.

About Ocimum Biosolutions