Schwarz Gehard London Integrates Data Management System to Simplify Alternative Investment Reporting

London-based alternative investment manager Schwarz Gehard improves portfolio-performance reporting systems for its alternative investment management platform

Schwarz Gehard

Schwarz Gehard, a provider of bespoke asset management and alternative investment solutions, has today released an upgraded version of its alternative investment reporting platform, aimed at improving the way its institutional clients, family offices and high-net-worth families interact with their real-time, cloud-based portfolio-performance reports.

Utilizing the experience and services of a leading fin-tech provider, the new platform will seek to reduce trading and management costs for clients through the elimination of manual data entry across the administrative management of complex portfolio structures.    

“Demand for alternative investments continues to increase as value throughout more traditional markets becomes harder to identify under the existing climate. On reflection of the high-net-worth portfolios under our management, approximately one-third of assets are positioned in alternative forms of investment,” said Stefan Lang, director of alternative platform, Schwarz Gehard London.

“Since regulation for such investment classes has improved significantly over the past several years, administrative documentation to maintain reporting standards involves the management of thousands of forms containing transaction, valuation and performance data points. We believe that since much of this administration can be managed with an automated process, our human resources can be put to better use through the servicing and personal interactions with clients,” continued Lang.

The release of the updated reporting platform comes at a time when Schwarz Gehard is focused on expanding operations to accommodate the changing preferences of a broader client base. Traditionally, alternative investments have been reserved for institutional investors and high-net-worth families due to the nature of risk inherently contained in less-regulated markets and the capital-intensive buy-in requirements. However, as the alternative market evolves, retail investors are beginning to incorporate alternatives in pursuit of a more balanced return profile.

“Whilst the new platform is primarily focused on servicing our institutional-level clients, we anticipate that with the improvements in reporting efficiency and the subsequent reduction in management costs, we will soon be able to extend this platform to private investors looking to diversify their assets away from traditional equity and bond exposure.”

Clients eligible for the platform upgrade should have received prior correspondence through the regular channels and are requested to contact their Schwarz Gehard representative for further information.

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Source: Schwarz Gehard


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