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Schwam Sourcing Group (SSG), a specialty sourcing and manufacturing team, formed for the visual industry, launched its Visual Factory Platform. Architects and Visual Designers can manufacture custom designs with a ready-made platform of 200 factories managed by SSG from concept to distribution. Matthew Schwam, President and CEO said: "Our customers used to travel with us to overseas factories, but now they meet our partners, tour factories and inspect product from the comfort of their office." With SSG partners managing the process, customers remain squarely engaged without having to do the heavy lifting.

Schwam Sourcing Group (SSG) manages the only international marketplace of its kind specializing in custom 3D visual manufacturing. SSG manages the global sourcing process, from initial design concept to final distribution. The company provides a B2B one stop shop for architects, commercial designers, visual professionals, wholesalers and procurement professionals in retail, hospitality and shopping centers to produce a multitude of project design requirements with one source. SSG offers convenient online meetings with SSG partners and factories, purchasing power, consolidation opportunities and more. Made-to-order product categories include store fixtures, furniture, indoor lighting, landscape lighting, commercial foliage, holiday greenery, lighting and ornaments, fiberglass props, artifacts, carpet, stainless steel fabrication, aluminum objects and more. 

The rich history of the original sourcing agency, founded by Schwam 20 years ago, includes international rollouts for visual teams at Gap, H&M, Sephora, Victoria's Secret, Westfield, Brookfield, Tiffany, Cartier, Saks, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Mandarin Oriental, Intercontinental Hotels and others.

When the agency was rebranded, Schwam's name was placed in the company title to emphasize his unwavering personal commitment to the new platform. You can find some interesting stories about his journey in the SSG Blog and Newsletter. 

Finding a factory willing or able to produce a design might be simple, but only the first step on the path to a successful launch. The challenges surface quickly if the buyer is missing a proven process, a category team member or experience. SSG believes that anything is possible, but only with the right people in the right seats.   

U.S.-based Schwam Sourcing Group provides end-to-end sourcing, manufacturing, freight, logistics and distribution exclusively to the design industry. SSG's boots-on-the-ground approach covers China, Taiwan, India, Vietnam and North America. "We manage our global partners, our factory team, third party quality control, freight, logistics and distribution with proven process," says Matthew Schwam, President & CEO of SSG. Project management is integral to the company's DNA. SSG's dearth of experience vetting and building the highly specialized factory base includes expertise with factory machines, techniques and capabilities to help our customers get their desired result. This model places our core customer squarely in alignment with Schwam Sourcing Group on day one.

Over 1,500 production jobs have been manufactured by our group in our factories. We've successfully moved 350 containers and 20 cargo flights from seven countries in 25 categories. 

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Schwam Sourcing Group (SSG) manages the only international marketplace of its kind specializing in custom 3D visual manufacturing. SSG manages the global sourcing process, from initial design concept to final distribution.

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