Schuman Feathers Has Revamped Its Website

Now get a better user interface and experience at Schuman Feathers. Browse through the wide range of feathers available on site.

Schuman Feathers has launched its brand new revamped website at
Quite a few months in the making, the retooled web portal boosts a complete redesign, pooled with the latest in HTML5 and jQuery technology, socially integrated tools and content management platforms. It provides an easy navigation and search model to users, offering them more of what they want, from improved product information to streamlined design points.

The website reflects Schuman Feather's continued innovation in user experience and the latest technologies and plan to make a whole raft of further improvements. Schuman Feathers has years of experience and domain knowledge in the business of feathers. As the result of a successful industry response, the organisation has come up with a revamped look and feel to give users the finest browsing experience along with a wide spectrum of bird and animal feathers to suit specific requirement of clients across the globe.

Feathers add a decorative touch to any decor style or ensemble, adding a bit of whimsy and fanciness wherever they go. It is no wonder that feathers and plumes are so popular when it comes to creating elaborate centrepieces and for adding ornamental details to our favourite dress up clothes.
The website provides a vast array of feather supplies for both domestic and international markets for wholesale and retail buyers. The website service industries that include Craft & Costume, Bridal & Lingerie, Millinery, Fashion & Jewellery Design and Decor and so on.

Schuman Feathers has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. The company offers Fancy Feathers, Carnival Feathers, Pheasant Feathers, Feather Dusters, Ring neck Pheasant Feathers, Pet Toys and so on. The variety of quills available on site is huge. Select specific shape, size and colour of quills as per your preference and get finest quality of feathers on the website.

With the mission to spark creativity in every person, the website offers dyed, coloured, naturally shed and craft feathers for various decor and design purposes. The organisation's vision is to be the best and largest supplier of feathers to the fabric and craft brands and to meet the demands of designers, decorators and individuals who love feathers.

Explore our website and browse the website's outstanding selection of plumes and completed craft projects that are ready to wear. Shop online today and indulge yourself in the mesmerising beauty of feathers.

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