Scholarships: The Unspoken Benefits of Online Tutoring at Coach-On-Couch

Private tutoring carries all its bickering and educational institutions have the problem of high cost courses. Coach-On-Couch, an e-learning platform, is taking new initiatives of providing scholarships, making e-learning economical and worthwhile.

Traditional private tutoring ways have always invited a heavy load of hassles. From finding the right coach and the correct location to going by the books of him, the issues are many. To refrain from such pain, parents and students are gravitating more toward online tutoring services. Coach-On-Couch is one such service provider in the United States of America, offering students online coaching and homework help. But what makes the platform more engaging is its unique concept of awarding scholarships to users. Reasonably priced, it is one of the most apt portals for students to avail academic help. "Earn 10-50% scholarship on your courses. Stay ahead in your academic career with us," revealed the online education center.

This sounds like definite justness, especially as the fee at traditional academic institutions are seeing new highs. Reed T. Curtis, a student in the University of South Carolina says, "Given that tuition and fees at colleges and universities are rising at a pace higher than the cost of living, students face an increasingly difficult burden of funding their educational pursuits." With rocketing cost of completing an academic session, scholarships on online courses is nothing but a big bonus of convenience.

Curtis further speaks about the 'boomerang generation' - those students who revert home after graduation to stay with their parents, financial troubles being the biggest reason. These students are either forced to enroll in programs that they are simply not interested in, or bid adieu to studies completely. The Project on Student Debt, an initiative of the Institute for College Access and Success explains the woes of the boomerang generation, "Prospect of student debt can prompt students to compromise on college choice, drop out, or forego higher education altogether."

This is where the unsaid benefits of online tutoring are spoken out loud and clear. Not having to dedicate hours to lessons, especially when you have a hectic schedule ahead and getting your homework done at a budget-friendly rate is a blessing in disguise. Rich Carriero, the current Academic Manager for GRE and GMAT at Next Step Test Preparation, speaks about another plus point of e-learning, "Online tutoring can bring the best tutors into your home no matter where you live."

Taking everything into consideration Coach-On-Couch has developed student-friendly programs and is also offering scholarships to make these programs money-saving. To learn more about the online education center, visit their website at



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