Scanalytics Inc. and Real Art Announce Alliance to Deliver Unique and Innovative Solutions

Scanalytics Inc. and Real Art Announce Alliance to Deliver Soup-to-Nuts Solutions

Scanalytics Inc., a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company and inventor of the smart floor sensor, the SoleSensor, today announced an alliance with Real Art, the digital and physical agency of technology and design. Brands engaging with customers at events, trade shows, and retail settings will be able to transform their environments to react and interact based on the live experience of a customer with the combined services of Scanalytics Inc. and Real Art.

Working together, the companies offer custom-designed environmental concepts for clients, plus the ability to fully execute any of these ideas at a commercial enterprise-level scale. Recognizing the incredible potential for smarter environments and using the smart floor as a next-gen input device, this partnership opens up a world of possibilities beyond the expected. Armed with an understanding of goals and objectives, clients will be delighted with never-before-seen solutions that will truly change the way people interact with the physical world.

“We’re excited to be working with Real Art. Their creativity is unparalleled when it comes to developing digital/physical experiences. In the innovation business for more than 30 years, Real Art deeply understands clients’ business objectives, and is able to translate those into playful interactions that capture the hearts and minds of people everywhere. This is a creative agency that knows how to make brands stand out, and how to make people fall in love with them,” said Joe Scanlin, CEO Scanalytics Inc.

“One of the reasons we’re excited to partner with Scanalytics is their robust analytics platform. On the surface, the brand experiences we create are designed to capture attention and engage people on a deeper level — straight up, they’re fun. But behind the scenes, they’re capturing a massive amount of data and reporting on customer interactions — providing meaningful insights and measurable results. This is incredible for brands. With this information, the ROI for experiential tech increases dramatically. Scanalytics' intelligent floor sensors are perfect for live events and retail spaces — two areas that have a ton of potential for truly immersive experiences,” said Saundra Marcel, Creative Director, Real Art.

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