ScalePad Expands Warranty Services to 6 New Countries in EMEA

Benelux, Nordics, and South Africa Added to Server, Networking Equipment Roster


ScalePad is excited to announce a warranty services expansion to six additional countries, delivering the ability to extend warranties on servers and networking equipment in Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, and South Africa. With several hundred managed service provider (MSP) partners across EMEA, today marks the first time the company has offered ScalePad Warranty Services in the region outside Western Europe.

"ScalePad Warranty Service extensions on assets with expiring or expired OEM warranties have been one of our most valuable features for our partners, providing both protection for client assets and a profitable revenue stream for our partners. We are proud to extend this successful service offering to our MSP partners in the Nordics, across all three Benelux nations, and to South Africa," said Dan Wensley, chief executive officer of ScalePad. "This unlocks a great opportunity, both for ScalePad and our partners, by meeting an important client need already being leveraged by thousands of our partners today."

ScalePad partners are now able to offer next-business day, hassle-free ScalePad Warranty Services on servers for clients anywhere in Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, and South Africa. Nine of the most popular OEM server brands are supported, including Dell, HPE, and IBM, with no reinstatement fees for adding coverage to clients' currently out-of-warranty servers. Warranty protection for selected networking equipment is also available. Help desk support for warrantied equipment is provided by ScalePad Warranty Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All repairs use 100% genuine OEM parts.

"ScalePad Warranty Services provides profitable growth for our partners while at the same time reducing risk for their clients," stated Wensley. "It's been huge for partners in North America and other global markets, and we're proud to bring this ScalePad service to six more countries in EMEA."

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