ScalePad Adds Over 26,000 Models to Workstation Warranty Services

ScalePad Partners Now Able to Protect Over 90% of Customer Workstations


ScalePad is proud to offer managed service provider (MSP) partners vastly expanded warranty coverage on workstations, increasing the number of models supported by nearly 250%. With the expansion to cover over 37,000 different models, ScalePad estimates it is now able to cover over 91% of all workstations in use by partners' customers today, up from approximately 66%.

"Expanding ScalePad Warranty Services' workstation model coverage makes it even easier for our partners to offer extended warranty coverage on every machine possible for their clients, hassle-free and virtually instantly," said Dan Wensley, chief executive officer of ScalePad. "Adding in these thousands of additional workstation models creates potential opportunities for partners to protect their clients' assets and to generate millions in additional revenue."

ScalePad partners are now able to offer ScalePad Warranty Services on 26,600 additional workstation models for clients across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom with a next-business-day service level. ScalePad Warranty Services protection for servers and selected networking equipment is also available with either a next-business-day or a 4-hour service level agreement. Help desk support for warrantied equipment is provided by ScalePad Warranty Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

"For our partners, ScalePad Warranty Services means expanding their business opportunities while reducing their clients' risk. This is a win for both our partners and their customers," stated Wensley. "In coming weeks, you'll see the ScalePad team continuing to expand our Warranty Services to additional countries overseas. Summer is a season of growth, and we're focused on growing opportunities for our partners."

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ScalePad helps MSPs easily identify and prioritize their asset risks and revenue-generating opportunities. Our insightful reports not only communicate asset status to your customers but will also drive them into making important IT investments to improve their environment.

ScalePad's innovative software is trusted by more than 8,500 partners across 76 countries and is used by over 60% of the MSP 501.

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