Scailyte Closes Financing Round and Onboards Top Biotech Leaders to Prepare for Growth in 2022

First closing of Series A round and onboarding of top biotech leaders to fuel growth in 2022

First closing of our Series A round

Scailyte has successfully finished the first closing of their series A. Two new investors joined the round, and most of the existing shareholders engaged with follow-on investments. The second closing is planned for the first half of 2022 and Scailyte is currently in discussions with a number of additional investors.

Scailyte has set the focus on expanding the capabilities of its single-cell analytics platform, ScaiVision™. Moreover, the company is planning to establish further partnerships in the area of immuno-oncology. In addition, Scailyte is working on a custom solution to enable the faster development of more robust cell therapies. For example, the solution will enhance the quality assessment of the manufacturing product, among other applications in this field. In order to broaden its service offering, Scailyte is also seeking strategic partnerships among complementary AI-driven companies.

In 2021 Scailyte implemented an ISO:9001-compliant Quality Management System (QMS). The new QMS will be instrumental in the scale-up phase of the company and will help ensure the high quality of Scailyte's discovery activities.

Over the course of 2021, Scailyte achieved great success in adding executive talent to its core team, the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). 

Marco Ruella, MD, joined the SAB in December 2021. He is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology/Oncology and the Center for Cellular Immunotherapies and Scientific Director of the Lymphoma Program at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Corinne Solier joined Scailyte in the COO position in November 2021. Formerly at Roche and a leader in the field of translational sciences, biomarkers and omics technologies, she is spearheading Scailyte's discovery arm, the ScaiVision business unit. The new unit's mission is to become Scailyte's core discovery platform, leveraging clinical and molecular data integration, artificial intelligence and a network of clinical and industry partners. ScaiVision provides biomarker discovery and single-cell analytics services to precision medicine and immuno-oncology companies.

Corinne Solier: "Coming from the Pharma world, I have spent my career advancing precision medicine through efforts to understand the biology of diseases and to predict treatment response in the clinics, at the level of patient populations. I am convinced that the next revolution of precision medicine will be realised when we can fully harness the power of single-cell biological information to discover new and more sensitive biomarkers of diagnostic, predictive and prognostic value for individual patients. Scailyte's perfectly suited capabilities, as well as the passionate and excellent team, convinced me to join the company, to fulfil our mission of advancing precision medicine".

Anna Sumeray joined Scailyte's BoD in November 2021. Anna is the CEO of Virometix, a University of Zurich spin-out company developing novel vaccines for the treatment and prevention of cancer and infectious diseases. She has over 20 years of experience in both large Pharma and start-up Biotechs and has held leadership roles in Business Development and General Management.

Anna Sumeray"The Scailyte platform operates at the exciting interface of AI and Precision Medicine, and has broad applicability across multiple therapeutic areas. There are so many possibilities to drive more targeted drug development and I am excited to work with the rest of the Board to help the company make the smartest strategic choices. I hope I can also connect Scailyte with partner companies and investors to help them leverage the value of their innovation."

Investors and partners are welcome to connect with Scailyte via email:

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