Scailyte Announces Collaboration With Turnstone Biologics to Identify Biomarker Signatures in Solid Tumors With TIL Therapy

Scailyte Announces Collaboration With Turnstone Biologics

Scailyte AG, an ETH Zürich spin-off with a proprietary analytical sequencing, and data analysis platform to draw insights into complex disease patterns from single-cell data, today announced that it entered into a collaboration with Turnstone Biologics to discover signature biomarkers predictive of clinical responses to tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy by applying ScaiVision®, Scailyte's best-in-class single-cell sequencing analytical platform.

Scailyte's proprietary data analysis platform, ScaiVision®, is designed to provide unique clinical insights into a patient's biology to further enable cell and gene therapy and immuno-oncology treatments. ScaiVision® incorporates multi-modal single-cell datasets with clinical and technical endpoints, including disease diagnosis, progression, severity, treatment response, and toxicity response to identify sensitive biomarker signatures and cell therapy performance. 

Turnstone is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing next-generation medicines to treat solid tumors by pioneering a differentiated approach with TIL therapy. Turnstone's Selected TIL approach is driven by the identification, selection, and expansion of the most potent subsets of patient-specific tumor-reactive T-cells to improve and broaden the clinical efficacy of TILs, and to overcome the limitations of current TIL-based therapies to achieve positive outcomes in multiple cancer indications. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Scailyte and Turnstone will collaborate with the goal of associating highly sensitive molecular biomarker patterns in TILs with clinical responses to TIDAL-01, Turnstone's lead-selected TIL therapy candidate. TIDAL-01 currently is being evaluated in two Phase 1b clinical studies in multiple indications, including melanoma, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer. Turnstone will collect TIL samples during the manufacture of patient-specific tumor-reactive TILs, and clinical samples after treatment with TIDAL-01. Scailyte will generate detailed transcript, epitope, and single-cell TCR sequencing datasets from the samples. These samples will be processed using ScaiVision® for automated pattern recognition and interpretation of single-cell transcriptomics and proteomics data to identify clinically relevant biomarker signatures in solid tumors.

About Scailyte

Scailyte is an ETH Zürich spin-off with a proprietary artificial intelligence platform for the discovery of complex disease patterns from single-cell data. Our solution ScaiVision® provides unprecedented insight into the disease and patients' biology and enables the discovery of new clinically-relevant biomarker signatures, with a focus on oncology and immunology. 

Scailyte's proprietary data analysis platform ScaiVision® associates multimodal single-cell datasets (RNA-/TCR-/BCR-seq, proteomics, etc.) with clinical endpoints, such as disease diagnosis, progression, severity, treatment response, and toxicity response to identify ultra-sensitive biomarker signatures and cell functionality states. The performance and clinically relevant applications of Scailyte's platform ScaiVision® have been demonstrated in various projects in oncology and immunology. Additionally, Scailyte leverages a broad network of top clinicians to identify clinical indications with high unmet clinical needs and collaborates with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to translate novel biomarkers into ultra-sensitive companion diagnostics (CDx) or IVD assays. 

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About Turnstone Biologics

Turnstone Biologics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company, is developing new medicines to treat solid tumors by pioneering a differentiated approach with tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy, a clinically validated technology. Turnstone's innovative TIL therapy, which is designed to extend the efficacy of TILs to multiple solid tumor indications by selecting and manufacturing the most potent tumor-reactive T-cells (Selected TILs) for tumor eradication, represents the foundational therapeutic modality driving the Company's cancer immunotherapy pipeline. The Company's lead Selected TIL therapy candidate, TIDAL-01, is currently being evaluated in two Phase 1b studies in patients with multiple solid tumor indications. Turnstone is also advancing additional strategies to further potentiate the clinical benefit of Selected TILs, including use in combination with the Company's novel viral immunotherapy. 

For more information, please visit, and follow Turnstone on LinkedIn.

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About Scailyte AG

Scailyte develops and applies AI technology for the interpretation of single-cell data. We aim to unlock human's single-cell 'hidden secrets' and convert highly complex data into new medical insights and usable knowledge.

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