SBH Sciences and n3D to Start Partnership to Offer 3D Bioprinting for Lead Compound Optimization

Natick, MA — SBH Sciences (SBH) is partnering with Nano3D Biosciences (n3D) to offer innovative solutions and services using assays based on magnetic 3D Bioprinting. Today, 90 percent of all active compound candidates for cancer drugs fail due to poor clinical effectiveness or highly toxic side effects in the clinical phase, i.e. at the late stages in the drug development process. Three-dimensional cell-based in vitro assays offer a promising approach in high-throughput screening to enable a more effective evaluation of active compounds at an early development and pre-clinical phase.

SBH will offer rapid and high-throughput lead optimization assays for compounds targeting oncology pathways, including JAK/STAT, MAPK and mTOR pathways, using n3D’s magnetic 3D bioprinting technology. The combination of 3D cell culture by magnetic 3D bioprinting and real-time imaging is a powerful, high-throughput assay platform for rapid phenotypical detection of molecule inhibitors on pathway activation. SBH will also offer n3D’s wound healing assay model as an expansion of its portfolio of cell-based assays for cytokines/anti-cytokines and fibrosis detection.

SBH is an innovative preclinical contract research organization (CRO), focused on anti-cancer and anti-inflammation drug development, including the availability of 350 human cancer cell lines, six complementary biomarkers analysis capability (ELISA, Luminex, SimplePlex, Automatic Western, FACS and qRT-PCR), as well as, in vivo services (through SBH’s strategic partner). In its 18 years of working with over 150 biotechnology and diagnostic companies, SBH Sciences has earned a reputation for product quality, service and on-time delivery.

Dr. Raphael Nir, President and Chief Science Officer, SBH Sciences, said: "We are excited and honored to form the partnership with Nano3D Biosciences. We are providing many 2D in-vitro lead drug screening / optimization services and are always looking for innovative methods to support our clients. The availability of the Bioprinting 3D technology will significantly enhance our capability and will assist our customers to move more efficiently from the in vitro (pre-clinical) to the clinical studies. We are obligated to provide the best possible products and services. Together with Nano3D Biosciences, we are looking for biotechnology companies that are willing to explore the new Technology. We are proud to support the Global Biomedical Market over the last 18 years".

 “This is going to be a strong company-to-company partnership,” said n3D President and Chief Science Officer Glauco Souza. “This partnership should greatly expand our growing market reach and position magnetic 3D Bioprinting as a key technology in the drug discovery and lead compound optimization process.”

Source: SBH Sciences