Sawyer Launches 4th Annual Trend Report

Built for children's activity providers, the report analyzes parent booking behavior and provides actionable insights for business growth and boosted revenue.

Sawyer Children's Activity Business Report: 2021 Trends

Sawyer — the premier online discovery platform and registration solution connecting parents with providers of the best children's classes, camps, and activities— has launched their 4th annual trend report, The Children's Activity Business Report: 2021 Trends

In 2021, Sawyer's education partners set a new record with over 5.1 million bookings made across online and in-person activities. The team at Sawyer analyzed this data to discover trends in booking behavior, activity schedules, class topics, and payment preferences that can help children's activity providers increase enrollment and boost revenue. 

Sawyer's research highlights the importance of an optimized booking experience, flexible payment offerings, and a variety of classes tailored to fit children's busy schedules:

  • Increased demand for flexible payments: 2021 data showed a 73% increase in pay over time offerings by Sawyer providers since pre-Covid. There was also high user adoption, with 34% of bookings purchased with an installment plan.
  • Families prefer a 24/7, mobile booking experience: In parallel with e-commerce trends, Sawyer found that 60% of users booked on a mobile device. 43% of users registered for an activity after traditional business hours. 
  • "Try before you buy" drives new customer acquisition: 30% of users who booked a free trial class with a Sawyer provider converted to taking a paid class. 

"Insights are one thing. Actionable insights are another. Our annual trend report has the information children's activity businesses need to help make 2022 their most successful year yet," said Marissa Alden, co-founder and CEO of Sawyer. "Last year, our network of providers offered features like payment plans, gift cards, and class packs as a way to take control of their schedules and offer flexibility to parents."

As 2022 progresses, flexible offerings, seamless scheduling, and an optimized user registration experience will be essential for children's activity providers to increase their bookings. To learn more industry trends and fuel business growth, download Sawyer's trend report.


About Sawyer:

Sawyer builds products that connect parents with providers of the best children's classes, camps, and activities. Sawyer for Business, Sawyer's online registration and management system streamlines operations and provides the flexibility children's activity providers need to succeed. The Sawyer marketplace empowers millions of parents to discover enriching out-of-school education for their children.

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