Savvy Traveler Co. Launching New Online Courses in Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese

Savvy Traveler Co. courses intuitively teach language fundamentals with 4.5 audio media hours that can be accessed on mobile devices

 Savvy Traveler Co. is helping travelers and others to learn to cross the language bridge with-all new language courses in Spanish, Italian and French. Savvy Traveler language courses are designed to bring the language learner’s skills from zero to conversational in just 30 days. The courses are based on the 12-week language courses from The Alliance Française de Bozeman International Language School, which has more than 20 years of experience providing private tutoring, translation services, and teaching worldwide.

The courses are overlapped with all the most-asked questions for English speakers learning Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese. The course includes 4.5 hours of audio media so learners can enjoy lifetime access to the course to refresh their skills whenever they would like. Each course also includes a private Facebook group of classmates and on-demand tutors from and professional teachers who are certified professionals and highly-skilled in the art of foreign language acquisition.

“Whether a language learner’s main motivation is to converse with multilingual family, pass a high school or college class, travel more, or learn for business, these courses are tailored to help someone quickly become conversational,” says Alaina Garcia, CEO of Savvy Traveler Co. “These courses are also offered in a way that makes it easy and accessible for anyone. Language immersion through virtual world experiences drives a new level of student engagement. With the simplicity of MP4 movies from a mobile phone or device, people can learn from anywhere.” 

Savvy Traveler language courses cater to travelers, business professionals, medical professionals, agricultural workers, service industry workers, and more. The company has already received some great feedback from language learners who have taken the Spanish language course.

“The Travel Savvy Spanish course is a well-organized, accessible way to get your basic skills up to speed. Get it before you set out on your next adventure!” says Cynthia, a bilingual journalist.

The Savvy Traveler Spanish course is currently available with the Italian and French language courses slated to start in Oct. 2017. The Chinese language will launch in July 2018. To learn more or sign up for language classes, visit

About Savvy Traveler Co.

Savvy Traveler Co. is made for travelers, multi-lingual families, students, medical professionals, and all business men and women who want to cross the language bridge. Savvy Traveler Co. courses help students become conversationally proficient in Spanish, Italian or French in 30 days.

Source: Savvy Traveler Co.

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About Savvy Traveler Co.

Language immersion through virtual world experiences drives a new level of student engagement. With the simplicity of MP4 movies from your phone or device; you, friends, family employees and anyone can learn anywhere! Welcome to the Savvy Traveler Co

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