Savta Remedies Introduces Only All-Natural, Zero Calorie Immune-Boosting Dietary Supplement in Stick Pack Form

Savta Remedies Announces a Healthier, All-Natural Alternative to Name Brand Dietary Supplements, Free of Additives and Calories.

Savta Remedies is proud to announce its healthier, all-natural alternative to name brand dietary supplements. The product is the only one of its kind to have zero calories, no additives and no sugar substitutes in a stick pack form.   

Owned and operated by local entrepreneur Isaac Shtark and his family, Savta Remedies began as a humble, locally-based dietary supplement supplier. Its roots, however, date back to the early 1900s, when Shtark’s grandmother Dr. Helen Hassan established herself as a pioneer of holistic medicine. Shtark employed his grandmother’s natural remedies to develop the product which is named after the Hebrew word for “grandmother,” Savta Remedies.  

“We are thrilled to present this healthier alternative to the public,” says Shtark. “We believe that almost every health problem has a vitamin C-based solution that shouldn’t be weighed down with sugars, calories and other additives. We’re proud to offer the only immune-boosting stick pack supplement that is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants, without the added ingredients. Whether you use it every day to support your immune system, or only on occasion to cure a cold, you can feel good about understanding all of the ingredients you’re putting into your body with Savta Remedies.”

The product is now available in numerous stores across the U.S. and worldwide online. 

About Savta Remedies

Savta Remedies was established by the Shtark family in 2012 to provide a healthier, all-natural alternative to the name brand immune-boosting dietary supplements. Hebrew for the word “grandmother,” Savta was inspired by Dr. Helen Hassan, grandmother to Isaac Shtark and pioneer of holistic medicine in the early 1900s. Utilizing Dr. Hassan’s natural remedies, Isaac and his family were able to create this new line of dietary supplements, which provides key vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are essential to supporting the body’s immune system, without the additives, calories or artificial flavoring.