Saviom Software Releases a Robust Web-Only Version of Its Enterprise Resource Management Tool

Saviom ERM Web

​​Saviom Software, a Sydney-based software company that specializes in providing enterprise-wide solutions has announced, that the new, robust, web-only version of its flagship Enterprise Resource Management tool is available for annual/monthly subscriptions.  

Saviom ERM Web gives users the flexibility of end-to-end customization and access from remote devices like tablets in addition to being very light on the systems it is hosted on. The sleek structure and hassle-free operations are attributed to its web-based architecture that works jointly with MS SQL server.

Built to boost resource efficiency and maximize project profitability, the software has been developed as an embodiment of scientific resource management that complements classic project management efforts.

“With this update, our tool is now completely available on the web. As a result, end-users have unconditional access to it.” said Ajay Gupta, Head of Research and Product Development.  He continued, “Saviom ERM Web is as  sleek as it can get, even as it retains its intuitive features. We would love for users to go ahead, trial it and see the difference for themselves. The version also comes with an upgraded set of forecasting features like ‘What-if Scenario Analysis’ that furthers its potential to give users scientific data.”

Best known as a tool that helps organizations cut down clunk and achieve more projects with fewer resources, Saviom’s success lies in its features that have been custom-built to meet the requirements market leaders have had over the years.

And it comes as no surprise that its concept-driven development approach and customer-first proposition have attracted an array of multinationals over the years.

Here is more information about Saviom ERM Web:

Saviom ERM Web comes fully-equipped to fit into all pre-existing systems and allows multiple plugins. It has an automatic clearing house based interface that imports data in real-time. In addition, the software also lets you export as well as import data to and from MS Excel spreadsheets.​

​Given its sleek nature, it is compatible with most work devices including tablets. This version also guarantees enhanced performance compared to most native Windows tools, given its on-demand data loading and seamless transition.

Its intuitive features also see an upgrade with functionalities like ‘What-if Scenario Analysis’.  Besides letting users weigh-in the impact of schedule changes on parameters like utilization, availability and capacity versus demand, the feature also lets you forecast the impact of business decisions.

​Saviom ERM Web has been built to give users the freedom to build their own software. This means they can easily set parameters for most aspects, especially the following:
●     Define the extent of functionalities
●     Define roles and responsibilities​
​​●     Choose reports based on specifications
●     Name/rename fields

The tool is available in both annual and monthly subscription models which lets teams of all types and sizes find a fit. Also, a free, fully-configured, no-obligation trial can be opted for on request. The subscription includes dedicated services and configuration as well as face-to-face training programs.

About Saviom
​​Saviom Software is a leading global provider of Enterprise Resource Management tools and Workforce Planning solutions. Established in Australia in 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate about streamlining workforce management, Saviom has been working towards engineering efficiency in project management.
Clients include PwC, Siemens, Fujitsu, DHL, Honeywell, Global Wind Services and many other multinationals from over 50 countries.
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