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Nonprofit organization SaveARescue, Inc. launches online contest to vote for favorite animal rescues and shelters, with winner receiving 1,200 pounds of pet food.

Bev Gun-Munro, dog expert and CEO of SaveARescue, Inc., founded the country’s only all-in-one online search directory for dog and cat rescues. The online directory offers more than 16,000 listings of dog and cat rescues and shelters along with an entire lineup of 18 categories of pet services including 24-hour emergency vet clinics, pet friendly lodging, dog parks, and more. The website also offers real-time uploads of 110,000 adoptable dogs and cats and more than 8,000 pure breed rescues available for adoption for pet lovers with their heart set on acquiring a particular breed.   

Since SaveARescue’s launch in 2015, the organization has helped save more than 1,600 dogs and cats by coordinating transport, rallying fosters and volunteers, and helping to increase successful adoptions. Gun-Munro understood the need for rescue programs to be able to connect and seek help in emergency situations so SaveARescue offers a 911 call-in option. The organization is uniquely interactive with the public, which is a huge benefit for pets in life threatening situations and a welcome easily-accessible resource for the hundreds of millions of caring pet lovers across the United States and Canada. 

“Our love of dogs and cats knows no bounds, and to be able to use technology that operates from the heart and soul, helps create long-lasting deep relationships with pet lovers who join us every day in saving more pets’ lives everywhere,” says Gun-Munro. “Contributing to eradicating the overpopulation in our shelters, supporting shelters and rescues in need of marketing and branding help, and delivering related products and services at lightning speed to the consumer’s fingertips, is the most rewarding work I have ever undertaken.”

Gun-Munro recently launched an online contest so website and social media visitors could vote for their favorite shelter or rescue right on the organization’s website. The contest finishes on Mar. 19, 2017 with the shelter or rescue with the most votes receiving 1,200 pounds of Petcurean pet food, something that many of these programs, especially ones with very limited budgets, desperately need. There are shelters and rescues listed from across the country, some already receiving thousands of votes. The organization encourages all their supporters to share the contest with their social media followers.

“Along with acting as a marketing resource for the more than 16,000 rescues and shelters (and their 9.1 million social followers) in our database, we are focused on deepening our relationships and staying in constant contact with them by offering enticing month-long contests that offer a substantial pet food prize won by those who receive the most votes,” adds Gun-Munro.

Going forward, SaveARescue aims to secure a fleet of vans that will also function as mobile billboards throughout California, transporting dogs and cats from overcrowded high-skill shelters to no-kill shelters, rescues and safe havens. California euthanizes an average of 800 to 1,200 dogs and cats every day due to lack of space. The state only has 23 recognized no-kill shelters among the 179 shelters currently in operation. SaveARescue’s goal is to make California the first state to be entirely no-kill and set an example to the rest of the country for other states to follow.

Save A Rescue is seeking the support of pet-loving partners and sponsors willing to invest funding and resources, which will allow the organization to continue providing its one-of-a-kind support to dogs and cats, rescues and shelters, and pet lovers everywhere. To learn more about the organization, visit and follow the organization on

About SaveARescue, Inc.

SaveARescue, Inc, a nonprofit organization, was established in 2015 to minimize and eventually eradicate the unnecessary euthanasia of dogs and cat in overcrowded shelters and to find loving permanent new homes for these homeless animals in need. For more information, visit and follow the organization on

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