Save Solar in Utah - Affordable Solar Power in Jeopardy

Last week Rocky Mountain Power proposed new rates for solar energy customers that are some of the most aggressive, anti-solar, anti-consumer and anti-competitive net metering policies ever brought forward by a utility in the United States.  The measure will impact our community in three specific ways:

Unfair impact on consumers

Rocky Mountain Power should not be allowed to unreasonably raise the costs for new rooftop solar customers, restrict free trade, and limit access to clean & efficient energy.

Ryan Evans, President, Utah Solar Association

·      Utah is a state built on preparedness and frugality. One of those preparedness resources is Solar Energy.  With the ability to save money now and prepare for the future rise in energy costs, solar energy gives consumers the ability to choose how they power homes and businesses.

·      Rocky Mountain’s push to increase rates is an effort to monopolize all energy resources including solar is an unfair move that will ultimately punish Utahns who are trying to save money through any means available to them.

Bad for air quality

·      This measure makes it clear that Rocky Mountain Power cares more about it’s own bottom line than it does for our community and the health of Utah residents.

Bad for business

·      Thousands of people are employed through the solar industry to support their lifestyle and families.  This helps our economy grow and keeps our unemployment down.  Utah is a pro-business state which makes this move by Rocky Mountain Power a particularly dangerous one.  If this proposed rate hike happens, it will essentially kill one of the largest and fastest growing industries in our state.  This will result in thousands of jobs leaving Utah.  The only business this is good for is Rocky Mountain Power.

ACT FAST to support Solar power in Utah.  ​Public opinion poll closes Tuesday, 11/22

Contact the Governor and state legislators, let them know that this will cost Utah jobs, growth and economic prosperity.

Governor Gary Herbert, email form:

Contact your State Legislators here.

Email the Public Service Commission at

Subject: Docket #16-035-T14 Public Comment​

Give them your opinion about RMP raising rates and killing jobs and residential solar in Utah.

~ Include your personal information:  Full name ... City, State & Email address

●     Sign the online petition in support of solar and send it to your friends:

If you’d like to learn more, please visit

Source: Rocky Mountain Power

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