Save R Boobies Launch A New Website

Save R Boobies announces a new website. The new site now offers extensive information, resources, and videos for women battling with breast cancer.


March 19, 2010

Sacramento, Calif., March 19 - Gina Andrews is the epitome of strength, dedicating herself to being an advocate for young women with breast cancer since her own journey with the disease just five years ago. Andrews was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 31, six days after the birth of her first child. But Andrews says her diagnosis happened for a reason, and her journey has helped her recognize her calling. She is reaching out to women and providing all the information they need to know about diagnosis, treatment and life after breast cancer, through her new site

"I want to empower women through knowledge," said Andrews, whose breast cancer awareness website launched this week.

Breast cancer can be a lonely journey, Andrews said, but I want to make sure no woman ever has to go through it alone, like I did. is an interactive site that encourages people to not only use the website as a place to gather information, but also as a fun, safe haven where they can discuss, win prizes, share stories, watch videos and even shop.

Save R Boobies donates portions of all their revenue to selected quarterly charities that readers can vote on themselves.

"Readers choose who we support in terms of charities so they have a say in where their money is going," Andrews said, "We want people to be a part of the experience, not just a spectator." features monthly giveaways where readers can win anything from clothes and jewelry to books and gift baskets. Currently, Save R Boobies is giving away four T-shirts, all custom-designed by the Save R Boobies staff.

Save R Boobies focuses on fitness and how to stay in shape, or get back into shape, during and after treatment. The site helps women maintain a normal, healthy life and keep a positive attitude all while being part of an online support group that strives to make every woman's journey as easy as possible through knowledge and support.

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