Savage Enterprises Submits PMTA to CTP & FDA

On Sunday, Sept. 6 at 10:15 PM PST Savage Enterprises' consultants successfully uploaded their PMTA via the CTP portal. Savage Enterprises sells a range of flavors and sizes. They submitted all flavors and sizes they currently offer.

This has been a long, crazy, emotional, and intense road to get to the point of successful submission. Everyone at Savage Enterprises has enjoyed working in the ecig industry for years. As a manufacturer in this space, it was extremely important to Savage Enterprises to go through this process and submit their PMTA. Savage has enjoyed support from the industry for years and this was their chance to show you their character and support the industry.

​Savage Enterprises understands that the retailers are partners in this space and without them success wouldn't be found. They are looking forward to the next hurdles to keep bringing quality products to the vape market.

Source: Savage Enterprises


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