Savage Enterprises Makes Dominating Move and Acquires New Startup, Zen Panda Holistic

Savage Enterprises - Zen Panda Acquisition

Savage Enterprises, a global leader in the Hemp and Vaping industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of California-based startup Zen Panda, a burgeoning manufacturer of Kratom and Kava-based products. 

Formed just a few short months ago, Zen Panda has been working tirelessly to introduce an array of Kratom and Kava products aimed at a bustling market of wellness chasers and pleasure seekers. With all available resources impacted throughout the research and development process, Zen found solace with the buyout as it enabled them to prime a full-scale launch.

The acquisition comes at a pivotal moment for Savage Enterprises. With the regulatory structure of the Vaping industry being shaken up and hemp-based products on a meteoric rise, CEO Chris Wheeler felt it was the best next step in an effort to diversify their portfolio.

“When looking at other markets to tap into, it was a no brainer, when we had the firsthand opportunity to watch Zen Panda grow fast and perfect a product that’s poised for massive growth. This will allow us to offer our customers a broader spectrum of products while remaining true to our harm reduction mantra”

As of Jan. 1, 2020, the acquisition was finalized. and an expected late Q1 launch of their flagship products will be a welcome sight for distributors and retailers alike.

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Source: Savage Enterprises